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This Friday’s your last chance of the season to catch Music in the Air, the live performances in Kellogg Park.

This Friday Lady Sunshine and the X Band, a blues band well known around these parts, will be performing.  Here’s the band’s website for info, music samples. etc.


To me the best thing about Music in the Air is that it draws so many people downtown.  Plymouth really comes alive on Friday nights during the summer.  The restaurants make a killing.  Too bad the season doesn’t extend through September.

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Perhaps more accurately she has gotten a botox injection or a little nip and tuck.  If you’ve been downtown in the last few weeks, you’ve probably seen some work — mostly cosmetic seemingly — being down on Wilcox House.

There’s a fresh coat of white paint on the siding and trim.  The porch has been repainted and the decaying handrails removed.  The wrought iron fence has been primed and repainted black.  Brick fence posts that were being used as de facto trash cans have been capped and repaired.

It looks great.  Hopefully this will help move the house off the market and into the hands of people or a company that are going to restore and maintain this great building.

Wilcox House is one of my favorites in town.  If we ever hit big on the lottery, I think we’d buy the place ourselves and live there.

Here’s a picture of the painting as it was being down several weeks ago.

Wilcox House being painted

Wilcox House being painted

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This Saturday our family went to its first Maple Street Block Party.  It was held on Harding Street right in front of Fairground Park.  We all had a great time.  I had a sight more beer than my $5.00 donation could have covered and it was pretty darn good stuff.

All of us got to meet some neighbors and get to know others a bit better.  I was particularly pleased that my daughter, who is changing schools this fall, got to know some more of her soon-to-be classmates.  That will smooth the transition.  There are now also more friends for her here in the neighborhood.

Cheers and thanks to the neighbors who do the hard work of organizing the block party.  Nice job!  Thanks also to all that brought such good food.

I do have one suggestion: if you’re gonna have two kegs, you should also get a port-a-potty.  Maybe I should volunteer to head the “Restroom Facilities Committee” next year.

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As some of you will know, the Plymouth Jaycees chapter was closed recently.  Since it no longer exists, it could not sponsor or local park (Joy and Harding Streets.)  Some very civic minded neighbors got the ball rolling to form our own association to sponsor the park and the Fairground Park Association was born.

It was decided to call the park “Fairground Park” in recognition of that area’s history as a fairgrounds back at the turn of the last century.  We members voted on a logo and now have a new sign.  It looks great!

Come on over and visit the park!

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When we moved to Plymouth a few years back, we gave up cabe TV.  There is a lot of upside to that.  Our time is so much better spent now that we are not constantly planted in front of the tube.

The only real downside for me is that there are a lot of great college football games I can no longer watch at home.  I try to watch every MSU game that is on, but half of them are on one of the cable networks.

The only place I’ve watched games in town is the Box Bar.  I’ve gotten lunch and planted myself in a booth for three hours.  The staff there has been great in accommodating me. I’ve called ahead to see if they could show the game I wanted to watch and they’ve always said yes, making sure the game was on at least one of the two big screens, adjusting the volume, etc.  The food and drink menus are perfect for watching football.  The only “problem” (for lack of a better word) I’ve had there is that it’s sometimes hard to watch an entire game from the booth, especially since they are long and high-backed.

I know a lot of the bars in town have TVs and show games.  Anyone else had good game experiences at other Plymouth bars or restaurants?

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I’m headed on vacation for a few days and did not have much inspiration to post something new or original before leaving.  But I did stumble across a few cool webpages about Plymouth and her history.

“Catherine’s Hometown: Plymouth, Michigan” has a few nice blurbs about the city and its history.  “It’s A Daisy!” an article on Michigan History Online is a fascinating piece about the air rifle business right here in Plymouth.

If you have some time, check them out.

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I’m a guy that really likes spicy food.  Most places don’t serve food as hot as I like it, even places that claim to have “extra hot” dishes.  I’ve met my match, though, with Little Bangkok Cuisine, 545 Forest Ave., downtown.

I made the mistake, the first time I ate there, of asking for my dish “extra hot.”  The chef warned me that it would be very hot.  She was right!  I was in so much pain.  The food was delicious, what I could eat of it.

You’d think I’d learned a lesson, wouldn’t you?  Nope.  The next time I ate there, I ordered my food “hot” thinking I was taking it down a few notches.  That was still very painful, though much more manageable than extra hot.

My most recent trip there, I went with medium to hot and I think I found the right amount of spiciness.

But for the fact that I didn’t take the staff seriously about how hot their food is, I have always enjoyed my meals at Little Bangkok.  The ingredients are fresh and have great flavor.

I’ve always had a chicken dish, usually in a brown sauce and with some type of vegetable.  My wife seems to always get some type of rice dish.  I’ve liked hers better than mine, probably because she had the good sense not to tempt fate with the spiciness level.

The dining area is small but nice.  In the summer, there is outdoor seating.  In the winter, it’s best not to sit near the door.  I prefer Little Bangkok for carry out.

All in all, it’s a nice restaurant with quality Thai food and an interesting menu.

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I love middle eastern food: hummous; kibbee; fattoush; lentil soup.  Delicious!  But I have to drive all the way into Dearborn Heights to find a restaurant that serves good middle eastern food.  There is a newer place in Canton, but it’s not as good as the places I like (Al Sultan, Al Shallal, Pineland.)

I wish I knew something about the restaurant business.  I’d be tempted to open a place like this here in town.

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