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Saturn comes to Plymouth

According to an email that was put out by the Downtown Development Authority, a commercial for Saturn (automobiles) was made in Downtown Plymouth this morning.  Main Street was closed between Ann Arbor Trail and Penniman.  I did not get a close look, but could see the barricades and police directing traffic away from closed portion of the street.

I assume this is a television commercial as opposed to magazine or print advertisements.  If anyone has any information with regard to the completion and/or airing of a commercial from today’s production, please pass it along to me and I will post it.


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Sidelined by illness

A little over a week ago, I felt a twinge of burning in my throat. It is allergy season so I chalked it up as something I could manage with some Benadryl. Every year this happens and every year I assume I’m just allergic to something.

Unfortunately, this has turned into a full-blown infection of some kind. Maybe it’s just a generic upper respiratory infection. Maybe it’s a sinus infection. Maybe it’s strep throat. All I know is that it has made it very hard to function at home and at work. It has kept me out of the gym and from blogging.

I love this time of year. September is fantastic. For whatever reason, I can’t seem to manage to get through it feeling healthy.

Hopefully the doctor will get me on something that will turn this around in quick order.

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Fall Festival

I had a great time at this year’s Fall Festival.  I think I enjoyed it this year more than the last two years for a few reasons.  One, our family is more a part of the community now.  When we went downtown, we saw lots of people we’ve gotten to know around the neighborhood or around town.  It felt like our Fall Festival, not just Plymouth’s.  Two, I spent some money so we could ride the rides.  I forgot how much fun some of those carnival rides can be.

One change I’d like to see: the city should bring in an amusement company that has better deals on tickets.  The amusement company at this year’s Livonia Spree sold wrist bands, I think for $22 a person, which allowed unlimited daily rides.  At FF, $25 only bought about 8 rides.

Fall Festival

Fall Festival

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We’ve lived in Plymouth almost three years, but our daughter attended private school all of the last three school years.

Today was her first day at Smith Elementary and my first chance to see the inside of the school.  It was nice to meet our daughter’s teacher, see her class and get a look around the building itself.

I recognized so many faces from around town, parents of other Smith kids.  It was a good reminder of what a small town Plymouth really is.

It will take awhile, I’m sure, for our girl to get comfortable, to really feel like she belongs at the school.  But I’m excited that she’s now that much more a part of the community.  The second biggest downside to private school — after the high cost of tuition — is being somewhat isolated from the neighborhood.  That will all change for her and I expect most of those changes will be for the better.

The first day of school is always fun and exciting.  I had a rush of old memories on the walk there and back.  As tough as kids think it is to be kids, elementary age is a great period in their lives.  I hope and pray our daughter really enjoys it, learning and growing every day.

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