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A Wayne County jury awarded the estate of a man killed in a car accident $4.5 Million for having over served the driver of the vehicle in which the intoxicated patron was a passenger.

Here’s an article with more details

Plymouth tavern tagged for $4.5 million in deadly crash | hometownlife.com | the Observer & Eccentric Newspapers, Mirror Newspapers and Hometown Weeklies

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1999 Tavern is one of my favorite places to grab a bite to eat downtown.  It is laid back like a sports bar but looks like a fine steak house.  If you want a warm, casual atmosphere, be seated in the main dining area.  If you want to have a beer or two and catch a game, grab a seat at the bar or out in the “garage.”

I confess that I have only tried a handful of items on the menu, but I’ve loved everything there I’ve sampled.  I loved the half barbecued chicken dinner and the pulled pork sandwich.  The serving sizes are generous.  The prices are reasonable.  You can get a good meal for $10 to $15.

The bar has a good liquor selection.  To my eye, there did not seem to be a lot of variety in draught beers.  I confess to having never asked about the Tavern’s selection of bottled beers.  The Box Bar has so many different beers — hundreds! — that I have not paid a whole lot of attention to the beer selection elsewhere in town.

Most of the time, the service has been great, and I’ve never had anything less than at least adequate service.  Like any other restaurant, some waitstaff there are better than others.  Based on my experiences, I would be surprised to ever hear any service “horror stories.”

Good atmosphere.  Good service.  Good prices.  Good food.  Thumbs up!

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I’m a proud Michigan State University alumnus (BA 1993, JD 1997) and I make no apology for that.  What I often wonder is how many MSU supporters like me are here in town.

Plymouth is something of a border town.  Our post office serves the outlying communities that straddle western Wayne County and eastern Washtenaw County.  It’s 20 miles from my door to Michigan Stadium, a/k/a “The Big House.”  The Detroit metro area, as much as Ann Arbor itself, is generally Wolverine territory.  I grew up two cities over and I know this first-hand.

But I also know that many unashamed MSU alumni and supporters make Plymouth home.  The Plymouth-Canton Educational Park schools send their fair share of graduates to Michigan State.  When I catch one of MSU’s games at The Box, there’s always a good Spartan presence.

Saturday’s the big game.  The 6-2 MSU Spartans take on the 2-5 UM Wolverines — yep, 2 wins, 5 losses, something that’s never happened in my lifetime — at Michigan Stadium.  Especially since the Wings season is still young, the Tigers are on the golf course, the Pistons haven’t gotten started yet and the Lions, yet again have embarrassed themselves, local sports fans have turned their attention to Michigan-Michigan State.  It’s the “Civil War,” the “Backyard Brawl,” the “Domestic Disturbance,” the “Fall Brawl,” “Sibling Rivalry,” the “Michigan Melee,” or whatever clever name you want to call it.  It’s the game of the year, particularly for State fans.

This is the week that folks who haven’t been flying their college flags dig ’em out and put ’em out in front of the house.  Block S’s and M’s are prominently displayed around town.  Because I think too much about these things, I decided to take an informal count of MSU and UM flags in town on my way from lunch to work the other day.  Counting my MSU flag, I tallied 7 MSU flags and 4 UM flags.  Two of each of those flags were the divided flags that have both the M and the S on them.  It would appear that these people simply couldn’t decide who they like better, the Wolverines or Spartans.  Whatever their issues might be, it is making very difficult my highly unscientific inquiry into which team Plymouth residents are supporting this weekend.

For me: Go State!  Beat the Wolverines!  They’re awful this year.  Whoever you support, good luck and have fun watching the game.  May the best team win.

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Gleaners Food Bank and Trinity Church have partnered to distribute food to needy families in our area.  Here are the details about the distribution:

WHEN — Saturday, November 8, 2008

WHERE — KMart parking lot, Ann Arbor Road and Haggerty Road

WHO —  If you or your family need food, you qualify

HOW — Call Trinity Church (734.459.9550), Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. to reserve a pick-up time.  Arrive at the K Mart parking lot at your designated time to pick up food.  The receptionist who schedules your pick-up time does not have information regarding the specific food to be distributed that day.

If you are not in need but know a person or family that is, please pass along this information to him/them.


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My wife and I love taking long walks together when we can.  Most of the time, we walk through Plymouth — downtown and through the neighborhoods.  I think what we enjoy the most is looking at all the really great homes, the diverse architecture styles, design, decoration and landscaping.  Yep, we’re nerdy that way.

Right now — and this entire weekend — is perfect Plymouth sightseeing weather.  It is cool but not cold.  While the fall colors are not quite at “peak” (however that is defined), there is a lot of color and most the leaves are still on the trees.  Harvest and Halloween decorations and college flags are out everywhere.

As the big election is less than three weeks away, candidates’ signs are all over the place.  I have my candidate chosen, but I’m fascinated to see who in town is supporting McCain or Obama.  I like to match the home with the candidate, see if there is any sort of apparent (surface, of course) “fit” between the homeowner’s style and the candidate he or she is supporting.  So far I’ve found little correlation, but I enjoy trying anyway.

Get out in town and walk.  There is lots of stuff to see.  Enjoy the outdoors before we all have to hibernate.

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Since the Chili Cookoff two weekends ago, I’ve been on a chili kick.  I didn’t get a chance to sample more than a few chilis and unfortunately I never got to test the winners.  I didn’t even know Picnic Basket (Ann Arbor Road and Ridge) had entered the contest, but apparently it won one of the categories.

I had a chance to try PB’s award-winning chili and it is really, really good!  It’s a great bargain, too.  You can buy a quart for $4.29 (I think.)  Put it this way: you can get a whole lot for under $5.00.

Next time you’re craving chili run out to the Picnic Basket and grab some.

I promise that this blog is not going to turn into a chili blog.  I’ll get over my chili obsession soon enough.

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As some of you might be aware, the City of Plymouth is considering building parking structures behind The Gathering and Penn Theater.  According to the Observer & Eccentric, the single story structure, which would 80 parking spaces, could cost as much as $2 Million.


Building another (presumably larger) deck on Harvey (between Ann Arbor Trail and Penniman) could cost as much as $8.5 Million.  Adding another deck to that structure could cost $5 Million.

I’ll be the first to admit that parking can be a bit troublesome in the City.  In these economic times, it seems utterly insane to consider spending millions of dollars to build an eyesore.  I’m sure there are better ways to spend milions of dollars than to add parking spaces.

Next to parking lots, parking ramps/structures might be the most unattractive features of any urban area.  One of Plymouth’s great strengths is its physical beauty, its charm.  A parking structure would only detract from what brings people downtown.  Parking lots and ramps also are environmentally unfriendly due to the chemically-laden run-off they generate.

Here’s a solution to Plymouth’s supposed parking problem: walking!  Unless you are disabled or injured, you should be able to walk a few blocks to do do your window-shopping or to grab a bite to eat.  If you live in town, you likely don’t need to park downtown often.  The overwhelming majority of people coming downtown would be fine if they had to park a bit farther from their desitination(s) and walk.

I understand that inclement weather can make walking unpleasant — maybe impossible — and additional parking desireable.  But, most folks don’t do a lot of shopping, dining out, hanging out, etc. when the weather is bad.  A parking structure won’t prevent downtown visitors from having to walk through rain or snow to get where they’re going.  If someone has a proposal for a network of underground tunnels, we might be cooking with gas then.

I say “No!” to spending millions on parking.  I hope our leaders see it that way, too.

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I try never to stray too far afield on this blog.  If it’s not about Plymouth I don’t normally talk about it.  Since Red Wings goalie — and legend — Chris Osgood lives right here in town, I think it’s fair game.

Tonight our Detroit Red Wings raise the 2008 Stanley Cup Champions banner at The Joe before the season opener against the Toronto Maple Leafs.  We are so spoiled when it comes to hockey here in Detroit.  The Red Wings might be the best professional sports organization in all of North America.  The Wings are great guys, they love the Detroit area and they know how to win.

It’s easy to get complacent with success.  Let the Detroit Lions — who wouldn’t know success if it bit them in their collective ass — and the Detroit Tigers see how a real team gets it done.

Congratulations to Plymouth’s own Chris Osgood on yet another Stanley Cup Championship.

Go Wings!

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At Sunday’s Great Lakes Region Chili Cookoff downtown, we had a chance to sample the chili of a number Plymouth restaurants that participated in the event.  My wife, our two friends and I all agreed that Mariachi’s was the best, hands down.

Unfortunately, the chili is not a menu item at the restaurant.  This really needs to change.  I went in there for lunch yesterday specifically for the chili but had to settle for some other dish (that was pretty good) because the chili is only made for the Cookoff.

I think I need to start a petition or letter-writing campaign to get the chili on the menu at Mariachi’s.  If the restaurant will do that, it will gain at least me as a regular customer.

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Saturday was our neighborhood beer tasting party.  I understand this is an annual event and rotates to different homes in the area.  This was my first time attending.  I brought a friend with me who is a homebrewer and beer connoisseur.  Since I do not know too many of the neighbors yet, it was nice to have a friend with me.

At this particular party, everyone was to bring a six pack of whatever beer with the exception of “domestic lagers.”  I think the idea was to avoid having Michelob, Bud (a pilsner, I believe) and other lousy stuff like that.  Everyone did an excellent job of finding interesting, unique beers.  Among the best were:

  • Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout
  • Chimay Cinq Cents
  • Magic Hat 9
  • Whitbred Pale Ale
  • Old Speckled Hen

I must confess I cannot remember the other beers I liked — there were quite a few — because, well, I had too much beer that evening.  I do know that there were a few pumpkin ales and a blueberry flavored beer that were awful.  Yuengling’s, an American beer I had never heard of before, was quite like Budweiser, but better.  Estrella, a beer from Barcelona, Spain, tasted like a high grade Corona Extra.  It was quite nice.

I want to thank the hosts of the party, the Carrs, for having us at their home.  It was a great evening.  This is an event I wish were done every month.

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