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AmadeusCloseup Last night my wife, daughter and I watched Amadeus.  It was the 3rd time my wife and I saw this brilliant film; my daughter’s first.

Toward the end of the movie it came rushing back to me that the movie’s star, Tom Hulce, grew up right here in Plymouth.  The Joanne Winkelman Hulce Center for the Arts on Sheldon Road is named in honor of Tom’s mother.

Tom has made a number of movies, but besides Amadeus, he’s probably best known for his work in the classic comedy Animal House (he played Larry ‘Pinto’ Kroger) and the solid Steve Martin flick Parenthood (he played the ne’er do well brother/son, Larry Buckman.)

I wish I knew more about his history, especially here in town.   I have no idea whether he visits here anymore or maintains any ongoing connection to the community.  He is probably one of Plymouth’s most recognizable sons.  I like his work and would love to see him back in town for whatever reason.


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Now you’ll have no excuse for skipping your veggies.  Coming soon to our town, on the southwest corner of Main Street and Wing, is Suburban Harvest, a purveyor of “organic and locally grown produce.”  Check out the website.


This has been a long time coming.   With the coming of the meat/dairy/bread store on Forest Street and Suburban Harvest just a block away, we’ll be able to do all of our shopping right downtown.  We can avoid the jam packed aisles and parking lots over at Kroger.

I’m love my country and, for the most part, our way of life.  But I envy a more European lifestyle: the ability to get one’s daily food needs fresh each day, within walking distance of home.   I’m looking forward to it.

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and pretty busy.

A new Kilwin’s fudge and ice cream store,  at the corner of Penniman and Main Street, opened last week sometime.  I’ve been by there several times in the evening and it was very busy.

Since Kilwin’s sells ice cream, I’m curious about the effect that could have on the other local ice cream stores.  There is also a very nice candy store in town, Kemnitz, and hopefully the candy and faudge in Kilwin’s won’t siphon off its business.

In this economy it’s great to say any new business downtown.  I hope it Kilwin’s does well.

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OK, OK, it’s not the Stanley Cup, but some cool replicas made by enthusiastic Red Wings (I presume) fans have turned up in the neighborhood.  They’re hardly works of art, but they’re great anyway.  Man do I love this time of year.

Here’s to the Red Wings bringing home the real cup in June.

stanley cup I brighter

stanley cup II a little closer

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There’s a big — huge! — hockey game tonight in downtown Detroit.  The Red Wings are playing the Anaheim Ducks in game 7 of the Western Conference semi-finals.  Plymouth’s own Chris Osgood, as many of you know, is the Wings’ net minder.

It’s do-or-die for the Red Wings.  Ozzie’s been solid in the playoffs.  Here’s hoping he comes up big tonight.

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At our house, we’ve been waiting for one and it has finally arrived: a place to buy meat, cheese and bread.

Soon a little market will be opening on Forest Street. I didn’t catch the name or see an opening date, but one of the new buildings across from 1999 Tavern is going to sell meat, bread and cheese. Hopefully there will be fresh produce in there as well.

I hate trying to go to Kroger for last minute shopping. Mike’s Market is in Livonia and is a bit farther than Kroger. Other than those two places, I’m not aware of any business close to the city that have fresh meat.

I can’t wait ’til this place opens. I’ve been complaining for so long that Plymouth doesn’t have a small market that’s in or near the neighborhoods that I better be in that place all the time when it opens. I’m finally getting what I’ve been wanting since we moved here.

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What little I saw this year’s Green Street Fair I liked.  I was hardly blown away by it but, all in all, it was  a good event.  Just about any reason to hang out and walk around downtown is a good one.

There was one experience at the fair that was unpleasant and that was my wife’s dealings with the people running the booth for the Detroit Free Press.  The booth sat at the northeast corner of Main and Penniman and the Free Press was not identified as the sponsor.  I do not remember exactly what the wording on the booth was but it was something like “Free Shopping Spree.”

While I was talking to someone at a booth about recycling, my wife checked out the Free Press booth.  The draw to the Freep booth was that you could enter to win a grocery shopping spree.  Here’s how the interaction went.

Freep guy:  Fill out that card to win $___ in groceries.  Can I interest you in a subscription to the Detroit Free Press.

Wife:  No thank you.

Freep guy:  Well, what if I gave you $25.00 right now?  Would that do it for you?

Wife:  No thank you.  We really don’t read the paper.

Freep guy:  (sarcastically) Good luck with the drawing.

Wife: (laugh out loud)

Freep guy:  No. Seriously.  Good luck winning the drawing.

His face was stern.  He was irritated that he didn’t bully her into subscribing to that rag.

When she told me what he said, I laughed, but she said, “No.  He wasn’t kidding with the ‘good lucking with the drawing’ comment.  He was frowning.”

My guess is that the Freep’s hacks that work the booth pull out the entry slips completed by people that don’t subscribe to the paper.  The joker in the booth all but said as much.  He certainly hinted that she wouldn’t win the drawing since she didn’t subscribe and wanted her to believe.

The Free Press is garbage.  Why would I pay to read that crap when I can read it for free online?  I definitely will never give that company a cent for one of its newspapers given the way its sellers operate.  Way to be classy, Freep!

Besides, why on earth is a company hocking newspapers at an environmental fair?  Newspapers are one of the last products on earth I associate with “going green” or being “eco-friendly.”  I wonder how many trees have been felled in the last 178 years to print that fishwrap.

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