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The website says to look for the store to open “late June.”  Well, we’re about as late as it gets in June.


Perhaps I’ll put in a call over there, see when we can expect the grand opening.


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The annual July 4th parade will happen, not surprisingly, on July 4.  This is, I think, one of Plymouth’s cooler traditions.  Many cities have fireworks but no parades.  Fortunately, the holiday falls on a Saturday.  Here’s the parade info which, by the way, is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club:

Good Morning USA 4th of July Parade sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Colonial Plymouth

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Parade begins at 7:30 am on Main Street from Theodore to Hartsough

signing declaration

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If you’ve read this blog lately, you will have seen that I’ve been injured the last few days.  I’m happy to report that I’m feeling a lot better.  I mean a lot better!  Since Monday I’ve seen my chiropractor twice and I’m done.

What does this have to do with this blog?  Well, nothing directly.  Although I try to stick to people, places and happenings in Plymouth, I must make an exception and recommend my chiropractor, Dr. Kathleen Rohlig, whose office is in Northville.

She’s wonderful.  She doesn’t overtreat.  She doesn’t bring you back for needless appointments.  If your spine looks better and you feel better she says, “See you later.  You’re all set.”  That’s rare these days.

If you need a chiropractor, go see her.

Northville Chiropractic

412 N Center St.
Northville, Michigan 48167

Telephone: (248)248-6166

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I’d love to be writing more right now, but I’m a bit sidelined with an injury.  I’ll keep my eye open for interesting things going on around town and report back when I’m feeling a bit better.

Thanks to those of you that take the time to read this blog.  I appreciate it.

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I drove by the Penn Theatre this morning and noticed that the new marquis is in place.  It looks great!  It’s a definite improvement over the old one.  It has a traditional/historic look and fits the architecture of the building very nicely.

The message on the marquis says that it will be lit on June 25.  I presume there will be some sort of lighting ceremony.

I will try to get photos of it this evening.

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I’m not claiming this is the best dessert that can be bought here in town.  I’m just saying it’s my favorite at the moment.

Dairy-Go-Round offers “Muds,” which are basically what are known as “Flurries” at other ice cream stores.  My favorite Mud is “Chocolate & Cherry.” It’s got chunks of cherries mixed with cherry sauce (pure sugary goodness) and chocolate syrup, the kind that hardens on cones.

It’s really, really good.  I’m going to have one for dessert tonight.  Yum.

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Thanks to Plymouth’s own Chris Osgood, and his fellow Red Wings, on a helluva playoff run.  The Wings represent the Detroit area and the entire state of Michigan with class and dignity and they are amazing athletes that are fantastic to watch.

It’s kind of depressing that Ozzie will not be bringing the Stanley Cup to Plymouth this year, but there’s always next year.

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