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We’ve finally had a chance to do some shopping at Plymouth’s newest purveyor of food-stuffs — I’ve always liked the word “food-stuffs” — Suburban Harvest.  We’ve bought quite a bit of fruits and vegetables, some bread, dairy and even a few processed things like peanut butter.

Both my wife and I love having this store in the neighborhood.  It’s has been both pleasant and convenient shopping there, and we plan on making it a regular stop.

If you’re serious about participating in the 3/50 Project, Suburban Harvest would be a great place for you to spend some of the money you will set aside for purchases from local retailers.  Everyone needs to eat, after all, and you can certainly find things there that you will need.

Check the blogroll for a link to Suburban Harvest’s website.


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Merchants downtown are having sidewalk sales.   I’ve driven by but not seen anything.  My wife has been down there and called me to say there are some fantastic deals, some real bargains.  She picked up a few items (and missed out on a few.)

Get to downtown Plymouth ASAP before the sale ends!  Sorry for sounding like a pitchman.  This is not a paid advertisement.

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It is, at a minimum, unpleasant to have to take a pet to a veterenarian or animal hospital for anything more serious than routine check ups.  Even with a good outcome, the experience is stressful for the animal and painful on the wallet.  I’ve had our cat in the vet ER twice since last Thursday, a trend I hope has come to an end.

Even so, if your animal needs the care, it might as well be at some place local.  We’re lucky to have here in our area Veterinary Emergency Services on Ann Arbor Road, just east of Haggerty, between Burger King and Bally.

It’s a 24 hour facility.  The staff is helpful and the care seems good.  The convenience, more than anything, makes it a blessing.  There are not too many facilities of this kind around, let alone in this area.   We were unable to get ahold of our regular vet several times since Thursday, so having the VES in town was, quite possibly, a lifesaver.

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I’ve been seeing yard signs all over town the last week or so for the “3/50 Project.”  The signs, though, don’t really say what the project is.  It was pretty easy, though, to find info on the internet.

The 3/50 Project is organized (by whom, I’m not yet quite sure) to save “the bricks and mortars our nation is built on.”  Apparently what it specifically promotes is consumers supporting “independently owned local business.”

This concept, I think, is fantastic.  For me personally, it fits in generally with the spirit of this particular blog and why I write it.  In our home we are trying to be conscious of how much money we spend locally.  After all, it has a more direct impact on me if a local, independent coffee shop were to go under than if a Starbucks were to close its doors.  If a business is owned locally, more of the money stays local.  It’s pretty simple and hard to argue.

Check out the website.


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Things are upside down and backwards at the moment.  Normally I’m fairly in touch with what’s going on around town and when something big happens I write about it.  This weekend, though, I’ve been in Traverse City, Michigan, enjoying some of the most beautiful scenery, I think, in the entire United States.  I’ve also had good food and been with some of my favorite people.

But I missed Art in the Park.  I have no idea what the weather was like, whether there were any new, interesting or especially unique vendors.  Simply put: I missed all the fun in town (traded it for fun up here.)

I’m writing this from the beach on West Bay in Traverse City, watching the sunset as I click away.  I’m sure no one will feel sorry for me.

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Toto’s song “Hold the Line” has been stuck in my head since Friday night.

In case you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, the band Fifty Amp Fuse played at Music in the Air Friday evening.  They are a pretty good rock band that has a nice catalog of classic rock covers (perhaps some originals, too.)  I got to hear part of their show, but the song that really stuck with me was “Hold the Line.”  It’s a good little song, but 72 hours of that almost continuously running through my head is quite enough, thank you.

At least I’ll never forget the show.  What more could a band want?

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The newest restaurant in Plymouth, located on the north side of Penniman, between Harvey and Main Street, had its grand opening the other day.  My family had a chance to eat there and we enjoyed it.

The food was good.  I had in mind that this was a straight-up Greek restaurant (because I didn’t notice “Mediterranean” in the name) and had hoped for a larger variety of Greek dishes.  But, what it doesn’t lacks in Greek cuisine it gains in Lebanese or “middle eastern” food like hummous, grape, falafel, etc.  I had a Greek salad with Gyro meat and really enjoyed it.  My family seemed to like the chicken kebob sandwich and the chicken fingers (for the kids.)  Everyone loved the french fries.

If you’re looking for a fantastic dine-in experience, this is not the place.  Although there are tables and counters at which you can sit and eat, it’s not really a sit-down restaurant.   I was a bit disappointed that the music, hip-hop and other top-40 radio stuff, was on and blasting.  That’s not my idea of dining music.  Everything, though, was otherwise clean and adequately comfortable.

I did appreciate the very good service we had.  The staff treated us very well.  I’m sensitive to customer service issues of late, but was pleased that the staff seemed genuinely interested in being friendly and making sure we were taken care of.  That makes up for other deficiencies, if you will.

Prices seemed fine to me.  It might be a shade expensive compared to some other places, but it’s hardly outrageous.  It’s less expensive than the Greek restaurants in Greektown.

I suggest you get their food to go.   You’ll enjoy it.

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