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There’s an interesting — if not quaint — article in the Plymouth Observer about the handmade pulpit at the Our Shepherd Presbyterian Church, which meets at the office building at the corner of Sheldon and Pinetree Drive (near CVS).

My place of business is right behind that building and the church placard has caught my attention several times.  I never would have guessed the little church would make the news…for its pulpit.

In any event, I’m a fellow Presbyterian and I’m pulling for this little church.  I’ve been wanting to visit and this is a good reminder to do so.



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layoffs of vital personnel like police are the result.  Plymouth Township has a $350,000 refurbished storage shed but is threatening police cuts.


I’m sure township officials would argue about the importance of this storage facility and it probably is important.  But call me crazy.  I think police officers are more important.  If a municipality can’t keep officers on the road, it’s not serving government’s most basic function, which is to provide police protection to its citizens.

That’s just my $0.02.

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Appraisal clinic

The Plymouth Historical Museum will be holding an antique appraisal clinic with Ernie DuMouchelle of DuMouchelle Art Galleries in Detroit on Wednesday, March 3, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Items to be appraised include antique furniture, art, and small objects. No jewelry please. Appraisals are by appointment only and time slots are filling up quickly. Oral evaluations will be provided for $10 per item; written evaluations will be provided for $15 per item. There is a maximum of four items to be appraised per 15 minute time slot. Call now for an appointment, (734) 455-8940. The Plymouth Historical Museum is located at 155 S. Main Street, just north of downtown Plymouth.

Source: Around Plymouth, hometownlife.com

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Good news on the local business front. Unisys, which as many will recall used to be Burroughs, has spun off its document and cash processing machine enterprise. The spin-off company will be called Burroughs Payment Systems and its systems will be made at Unisys/Burroughs historic plant at Plymouth Road and Haggerty. Even better news is that the company will add some 50 jobs, mostly administrative.


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