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This website has a bunch of great photos of the stars of Scream 4 as they shoot — or between takes — in Kellogg Park.


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There’s a lot going on downtown today with filming for Scream 4 taking place.

This morning I was unable to get close to the set(s) because filming was in progress. Today around lunch, though, much of downtown and big sections of Kellogg Park were easy to access.

I didn’t see any of the cast — sorry to disappoint you stargazers. But I did get what I think are a few shots of interesting set features, mostly vehicles.

Woodsboro Police cruisers, Scream 4, Plymouth, MI

News trucks (fake), Scream 4, Plymouth, MI

Ghostface lamp cover, Scream 4, Plymouth, MI

Woodsboro Gas & Electric truck, Scream 4, Plymouth, MI

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Woodsboro Police Station, for Scream 4, downtown Plymouth, MI

Downtown Plymouth, Michigan is being transformed into downtown Woodsboro, California for shooting for Scream 4.  The facade that was being built next to the Box Bar is now complete and is the Woodsboro Police Station.  The Plymouth Gathering, next to the Penn Theater, is now the Woodsboro Gathering.  I suspect Kellogg Park will be prominent in the background of this movie — or at least bits of it.

From what I’ve been told, shooting will take place tomorrow and the next day, i.e. Monday and Tuesday, July 19-20.

It’s pretty fun having this kind of even in town.  If you want to take a peak at these changes, get downtown soon.  I have to assume that the sets will be torn down immediately after local shooting is complete.  After all, the Box needs its parking lot back.

Woodsboro Police Station for Scream 4

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Monday night I passed by the Box Bar and noticed nothing unusual.  By Tuesday, there was a building front — an apparent facade — attached to it, blocking the Box’s parking lot.  It turns out the structure is part of the set for Scream 4.

I’ve not seen it, but I’m told there is a map of sorts that has been handed out to local business to show where the movie crews will be in the coming days.  Filming in town, I heard, will start on July 19.

This movie just filmed in our sister city, Northville, last week.  It’s nice to see all the fun and excitement that goes along with movie making once again hit our town.

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I presume most readers of this blog are familiar with Plymouth’s annual Art in the Park weekend.  It kicks off today.

If you don’t know anything about it, the event showcases the works of various painters, sculptors, photographers, craftspeople and other artisans.  Works of art or craft can be purchased at vendor tents that line the streets in the heart of the downtown area.  If nothing else the event is a great chance to get out and people watch downtown.


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Gerard Butler is in the metro Detroit area to film Machine Gun Preacher.  Apparently, bits are being filmed in Westland.

I bring this up here because I heard on 97.1 FM this morning that the cast and crew were dining or doing something over at Plymouth High School.  I’ve not heard that any filming would take place in Plymouth, but there is movie-related activity going on around here.

Scream 4 is shooting in Northville, by the way.  There are several  other movies being shot here in the metro Detroit area.  http://www.freep.com/article/20100709/ENT01/7090330/1035/ENT/Mind-your-movie-manners-

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I can’t imagine I was the only person who noticed that the color coating on the compass at the intersection of Main Street and Ann Arbor Trail was peeling. Less than a month old, the surface was worn and looking bad. I took photos and considered posting them, but never quite got around to it.

I was pleased to see that work crews were back at the intersection yesterday and today, working on the compass face. Let’s hope it lasts longer than a month. A lot of money was spent on that motif. It’s nice to see that someone out there is making sure it continues to look nice.

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