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We have a budget crisis in the State of Michigan.  The Governor is constitutionally obligated to balance the budget.  He’s suggesting deep cuts to the tax incentives (very low cap on total credits, cut backs on rebates) for filming in the state.   I cannot see how this wouldn’t impact our area, seeing as how we’ve already drawn shoots for three films right here in the city.

For those of you that follow this blog, how do you feel about this issue?  Is it better to make painful cuts, even at the expense of the Michigan and local film industry (and all the ancillary workers supported by it), or must cuts be made elsewhere so we can preserve what has been a booming aspect of this state’s economy?


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The Salvation Army is running “desperately low” on both household items or hard goods and clothing.  I received an emailed newsletter from SA asking for supporters to give as shelves in SA family stores and clothing racks are thinning out dramatically.

The Salvation Army splits proceeds from the sales of clothing, books, furniture, what have you, at its family or thrift stores three ways: 1) all funds for the Adult Recovery Program come from store sales; 2) local people are employed in the stores at above minimum wage pay;  3) worldwide mission endeavors are funded.

Additionally, from the newsletter, it appears that people in the Adult Recovery Program, who are supposed to work with donations as part of their recovery/therapy are becoming idle.

If you have clothing, furniture, artwork, bedding, electronics, books/music, sporting equipment, or any other number of items cluttering your basement or garage, but that someone else might be able to use, please consider donating to the Salvation Army.

Here in town, there is a family store and donation center at the southeast corner of the intersection of Main Street/Morton Taylor and Joy Road.  You can’t miss it, as they say.


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