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The United States Postal Service is looking at closing maybe 1,400 branches nationwide, with 3,600 branches under review.


This article does not suggest that our post office branch will be closed.  But with our branch having been up for sale for a year or more, and knowing that the USPS is looking at closing maybe thousands of locations, it is fair to ask whether our branch could be one of them.  Our mail carrier, who works out of that branch, indicated that there seems to be a concern at that branch that if it can’t be sold, the building will be closed.   Revenues apparently might not justify keeping it open, or so goes the thinking.

I would like to see our local post office branch survive.  Not only is it an historic building, but it is one of those services that draws people downtown.   A healthy downtown, in my opinion, should have more than just candy and ice cream shops, restaurants and arts-crafts stores.


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In the run up to this past weekend’s Art in the Park, I really had little to no interest in it.  I probably felt like I had seen a lot of the art in years past.  I also knew it would be hot and, quite honestly, I don’t like walking around on pavement in the heat all day.  Our plans to get away to one of the Great Lakes fell through so we went to the AitP and I’m glad we did.

My wife loved  — loved! — the works at the Plymouth Potter’s Guild’s tent.  She bought several pieces, which is a first.  We normally don’t buy much at this festival.  It was nice to support local artists and it was cool to see that some local people making great stuff.

I loved the artist — and I cannot recall her name — who did literary caligraphy.  She has not been at AitP in the past few years, so she was new to us.  Her stuff was beautiful.  I would have picked up a piece but I got shopped out before I could make up my mind and return to her booth.

The street chalk artists did some lovely free-hand copies of a handful of Van Gogh masterpieces.   It was inspiring to watch them work.

The most pleasant surprise for me was the appearance of “The Toppermost,” a Beatles tribute band.  I’m a Beatlemaniac, but I’ve never really gotten into cover bands.  Since they were playing a free concert, though, I was happy to check them out.  I must say they did a pretty good job of capturing both the sound and spirit of the Beatles live, at least the Beatlemania/moptop period (1962-64.)  Vocally they didn’t sound  a whole lot like the Beatles, but who can really copy the singing styles of any of the Fab Four?  No one.

I didn’t get a lot of photos this time around, but I got a few that I will share.   They don’t really capture the overall feel for the event — they’re little tiny snippets.

Painted Boy


Van Gogh boats


Sugar and Spice

The Toppermost

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Art in the Park starts tomorrow.  While I generally think that all the downtown events are good for the city to some degree, I think I have lost personal enthusiasm for this event.  I hope it goes over well, and I hope it brings a lot of cash and cool people into the city.  But I’m probably not going to spend too much time down there myself.  I like being able to go where I want to go, when I want to go there, and AitP gets in the way of that.  I must be getting old and curmudgeonly.

Here’s a link to the official website for the event.


I also noticed the the compass at Ann Arbor Trail and Main Street was being re-painted and/or re-coated.  I like the aesthetics of it, but the more I think about it needing maintenance (at who knows how much cost) the more I question the return on investment.  It doesn’t look that great and it needs to be kept up.  I think brickwork would’ve looked as nice and required less work on a year basis, but I could be wrong.

Sorry for if this seems unnecessarily negative.

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I was at Plymouth’s annual Independence Day parade, Good Morning USA, this morning but I didn’t necessarily have the best seat in the house.  I got a few shots that some might find interesting.

The highlight for me, in terms of entertainment, were the two A-10 Warthog flyovers.  Both were completely unexpected; from where I was, I couldn’t see them coming until they were just about overhead.  Flyovers always give me goosebumps.  As I write this, the A10’s just flew right over my house! I wonder why they’re still out flying over town.  The parade ended an hour ago.

Enjoy the pics.

By the way, I thought this monster car/truck was going to kill people.  It took up most of the road and people wanted the driver to gun the engine.  He had to ride the brakes to stay off the road.  Bad bad bad idea.  Why not gun the engine in neutral?



Detroit Martin Luther King Marchin Band





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