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Each year, the homeowners of this haunt, located at Pinetree Drive and Terry Street in Plymouth Township, turn their front yard into a Halloween haven.  I think the pictures say it all.


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Some of the best fall colors I’ve seen all season were on Hines Drive, on the north side of Wilcox Lake.  I got some pretty good photos despite taking them with my Droid.

Wilcox Lake, Plymouth, Michigan, October 29, 2011

Wilcox Lake, Plymouth, Michigan, October 29, 2011

Wilcox Lake, October 29, 2009

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To feed my growing interest in churches, both buildings and congregations, I have started another blog titled “Houses of God.”  It’s found at www.housesofworship.wordpress.com.

The point of the new blog is to admire, from the point of view of a rather ordinary guy — I’m neither a photographer, architect or artist — many of the more interesting churches that I see, either on a daily basis, or during one-off trips around the state.  There are so many churches in America that we sort of take them for granted; they’re just there.  But they mean so much more to our culture.  The most fascinating among them serve as something of an aesthetic counterbalance to our landscape which is cluttered with big box stores, fast food restaurants, and strip malls.  They tell the stories of millions of people; babies baptized, loving couples married, loved ones buried.

My most recent post Houses of God features Plymouth’s own First Presbyterian Church, which is sits astride the edge of “downtown Plymouth.”  It’s a beautiful place with a long, compelling history.



Enjoy the new blog.  Comment liberally *smiles*

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Here are some of the sights from last weekend’s first annual Pumpkinpalooza.  The Chamber of Commerce and local businesses switched up the downtown Halloween event this year.  In years past, local businesses put out candy for store-to-store trick-or-treating.  The manager of one very prominent business owner told me that aspects of the past events actually hindered downtown business patronage.  To bring people downtown, and give the kids something fun to do for the upcoming holiday, the community put together Pumpkinpalooza which is more like a mini-festival.  By all accounts, it went over quite well.  It’s obvious from the photos that people had a great time and they lucked out with good weather.

Enjoy the photos (used by permission of Sonia Tomassi and borrowed from the Plymouth Community Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page)

Gorilla and banana family

Hula hoopster

Handsome stoplight

Liam the light

Giant S'more

Fred, Scooby and the Mystery Machine

H_ppy H_ll_ _ een Hangman. I wonder what it spells.


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