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The previous owners of our home planted loads of perennials, so we have lovely things blooming in the yard from February — yep, the crocuses start pushing up through snow — to October.  Our yard is no showpiece, but we definitely have some nice flowers, especially these roses.

Plymouth is loaded with great gardeners; people that know how to make their living spaces and our town look great all growing season.


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The minute we found out we’d been had, we laughed…hysterically.  Skepticism is natural when it comes to things like miracle cures and get-rich-quick schemes.  But it’s surprising how easily clever hucksters can disarm people that generally aren’t susceptible to scams.

To make a long story short, instead of ignoring one of the many invitations to see a demonstration or try a product, at the Green Street Fair, I stopped at one of the booths when the salesman asked me, “Hey, can I show you something for a second?”  I thought he might be giving some sort of chiropractic or body posture pitch.  Without even realizing there was a product involved, he had me arms out, standing on one foot.  To make that long story even shorter, he showed me that, without a “superbandz” rubber bracelet on my body, I could be easily pushed off balance.  As long as it was touching me, he couldn’t tip me over.  My wife and dozens around us had the same experience.  I heard, “Oh my God, that’s so crazy!” from a group of nearby teenagers who also trying the balance test.  $60 later, we had two bracelets we were told would “balance our bodies negative ions.”

Within a few hours, my wife learned the trick.

Here’s the product.  There are many like this one.


Again, it’s pretty funny that we were so taken in by what should have been easily recognized as a rip off.  But, it’s not funny — to me anyway — that other people have been taken, especially people looking for solutions to serious health problems.  It’s nothing short of fraud to tell people these rubber bracelets will cure what ails you by helping your overall balance.

Nearly as shameful as this company is that the folks that put on the Green Street Fair obviously weren’t very discriminating as to who can rent space and sell stuff in our community.  I hope next time the fair’s promoters will only allow sellers of legit goods and services to appear at this event.


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