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the more they stay the same.

Art in the Park is one of Plymouth’s premier yearly outdoor events.  I’d say it’s the king of all the local festivals and fairs.

What really stands out this year is that it looked surprisingly the same as last year’s event.  The same vendors have the same tents in almost the exact same places.  There appear to be more empty spaces this time around.

While this might appear to have a negative tone, I certainly intend no such thing.  This is more an observation than a judgment.  As always, there are some cool things to be found.  I bought a painted coin pendant, which, though pricey, is quite nice.  I do not remember this vendor in years past.

There’s still another day of AIP, so come out and see for yourself what is offered.


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The Penn Grill & Bar in downtown Plymouth is the worst bar in town. It’s an awful place that draws more than its fair share of douchebags.   Based on the behavior I’ve seen and/or heard about, no one there seems to monitor how drunk people get or how they act.

I truly despise that place — at least as a bar, the food’s OK — and look forward to the city finally shutting it down for all the problems its patrons cause.

I think some of the reviews from yelp echo my feelings about this hole:

This place is noisy.  The service is God awful . . .he place is full of loud, obnoxious, young guys looking to start a fight on the weekends.


I hate this place, I hate this place, I hate this place. How many times did I say that? Three? Perfect, because there are three good reasons as to why I hate this place:
1. The clientele- Can we say trashy? Every time I go here this place is nothing but trouble. Even when I don’t go here and I am across the street this place is nothing but trouble. Ever see someone get thrown threw a bars front windows? Go here and you might get that chance…. (yes, I realize this was sometime ago, but still). Trash.


The City of Plymouth Liquor License Committee meeting of January 2010, Administrative Update, page 2, notes the Penn Grill’s history of “a number of police issues in addition to citizen complaints,” and that the City Commission’s investigation revealed that bar “has a pattern of patron conduct which is in violation of the law and/or disturbs the peace, order and tranquility of the neighborhood.”


Why am I talking about this today?  Because the place has a reputation for excessively drunken patrons and lots of fights.  One fight started last evening that I had to stop.  No one working for the bar was able to do anything about it.  Thank God the police were there quickly.

The whole feel of this place is opposite of the rest of our community itself.  In short, the place is bad news.

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