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I saw this on Facebook. Pretty cool. Check ‘er out!


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In the run up to this past weekend’s Art in the Park, I really had little to no interest in it.  I probably felt like I had seen a lot of the art in years past.  I also knew it would be hot and, quite honestly, I don’t like walking around on pavement in the heat all day.  Our plans to get away to one of the Great Lakes fell through so we went to the AitP and I’m glad we did.

My wife loved  — loved! — the works at the Plymouth Potter’s Guild’s tent.  She bought several pieces, which is a first.  We normally don’t buy much at this festival.  It was nice to support local artists and it was cool to see that some local people making great stuff.

I loved the artist — and I cannot recall her name — who did literary caligraphy.  She has not been at AitP in the past few years, so she was new to us.  Her stuff was beautiful.  I would have picked up a piece but I got shopped out before I could make up my mind and return to her booth.

The street chalk artists did some lovely free-hand copies of a handful of Van Gogh masterpieces.   It was inspiring to watch them work.

The most pleasant surprise for me was the appearance of “The Toppermost,” a Beatles tribute band.  I’m a Beatlemaniac, but I’ve never really gotten into cover bands.  Since they were playing a free concert, though, I was happy to check them out.  I must say they did a pretty good job of capturing both the sound and spirit of the Beatles live, at least the Beatlemania/moptop period (1962-64.)  Vocally they didn’t sound  a whole lot like the Beatles, but who can really copy the singing styles of any of the Fab Four?  No one.

I didn’t get a lot of photos this time around, but I got a few that I will share.   They don’t really capture the overall feel for the event — they’re little tiny snippets.

Painted Boy


Van Gogh boats


Sugar and Spice

The Toppermost

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I’ve been out of touch for awhile.  Oh, I’m still around town — I didn’t go anywhere.  I just have kind of gone into a shell.

I think it started with a 7 day trial I had in early November.  It took a lot of life out of me.  From there I rolled into more end-of-the-year craziness at work, as well as holiday craziness.  I never fully recovered from that.  All that stuff sapped my creative energy.

“Blogging” — I hate that word as a verb — is kind of like any other sort of writing or creative expression.  You can get “writer’s block.”  For three months I guess I’ve been all blocked up.  Hopefully, like the ground in spring, my mind will thaw and new life will emerge.  I’d prefer it not take until spring for this to happen.

One thing that did catch my attention, and I hope to get around to it soon, is the ugly building that is going to be built where the old gas station stood at Main and Ann Arbor Trail.  The design just doesn’t fit downtown Plymouth, at least in my ever-so-humble opinion.

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I presume most readers of this blog are familiar with Plymouth’s annual Art in the Park weekend.  It kicks off today.

If you don’t know anything about it, the event showcases the works of various painters, sculptors, photographers, craftspeople and other artisans.  Works of art or craft can be purchased at vendor tents that line the streets in the heart of the downtown area.  If nothing else the event is a great chance to get out and people watch downtown.


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Doors of Plymouth (Part 2)

For an explanation, see my prior blog entry below.  I hope you like the photos.






Guess with door’s mine?

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One of the things I hoped to do with this blog was feature local architecture.  Frankly, though, it is not as easy as I thought to gather meaningful information and photographs, and write about them, as a hobby.  If this were my full-time gig, things would be different.  But I digress.

Two autumns ago, my wife and I took a number of photographs of homes and businesses here in the City of Plymouth.  These are places we love and that we think lend much to the city’s visual appeal.  Stealing an idea from the famous “Doors of Dublin” or “Doors of Cincinnati” style posters one finds in tourist traps, I suggested we take some photographs of some cool doors here in town.  Over the next few days, I’ll share the shots we took.

Experimenting with her then new camera and photograph editing software, my wife put all these pictures through some sort of paint filter.  The software gave the photos the look of being heavy oil paints or, perhaps, even cartoons.

I hope you like them.









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I found this in this weekend’s Plymouth Observer and it looks like an interesting event, especially if you like local art

The Plymouth Coffee Bean presents an interesting display of white-on-black drawings when it hosts an art show featuring the work of local artist Aydin Akcasu 7-11 p.m. Friday, April 24.

The show will feature his drawings of people’s faces, made using white chalk on a black background. He uses an iterative process that involves slowly evolving the drawing and giving it more light (white). This has the fascinating effect of giving the appearance of a person who is slowly moving out of a dark room.

There’s no admission, but there is a one-drink minimum. The art work will be on display in the Blue Room through June 1. Samples can be seen at Art.AydinAkcasu.com

The Plymouth Coffee Bean is located at 884 Penniman in Plymouth.


You can see some of the featured artist’s work at http://art.aydinakcasu.com/

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If you like art and want to support local artists, here’s your chance.

In keeping with its dedication to promoting the work of local artists, Lotus Arts Gallery announced the Second Annual Local Artist Exhibit.This exhibition will showcase the extraordinary work of some of Michigan’s talented artists. Fifteen exciting artists will be displaying their work. Their styles are as unique and diverse as their chosen media. This eclectic array of artwork includes paintings in oils and acrylics, pen and ink renderings, works on paper, ceramic pieces, photography and mixed media on paper and canvas.

*     *    *

The public can preview the exhibition and meet the artists at the opening reception on Friday, March 6, 2009 from 6 to 9 p.m. Lotus Arts Gallery is located at 995 West Ann Arbor Trail (corner of Ann Arbor Trail and Harvey Street)


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