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This, admittedly, is a story with national implications that are far greater on that scale than the local issues our on the local scale.  But, it is an issue that could significantly impact our community, especially since the downtown USPS branch is up for sale and, from what I’ve heard, not viable from an economic point of view.  I also bring this up in follow-up to an earlier post.

In short, the entire United State Postal Service could be out of business by winter.  Clearly, that would be more gas on the fire of the economic crisis we face as a nation, making it even that much harder to climb out of the current depression.  Sadly, this could mean that if cuts are necessary to save the USPS, it’s easy to see how those cuts would affect service in our community.



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The United States Postal Service is looking at closing maybe 1,400 branches nationwide, with 3,600 branches under review.


This article does not suggest that our post office branch will be closed.  But with our branch having been up for sale for a year or more, and knowing that the USPS is looking at closing maybe thousands of locations, it is fair to ask whether our branch could be one of them.  Our mail carrier, who works out of that branch, indicated that there seems to be a concern at that branch that if it can’t be sold, the building will be closed.   Revenues apparently might not justify keeping it open, or so goes the thinking.

I would like to see our local post office branch survive.  Not only is it an historic building, but it is one of those services that draws people downtown.   A healthy downtown, in my opinion, should have more than just candy and ice cream shops, restaurants and arts-crafts stores.

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If you’ve been downtown in the last few weeks, you’ve noticed that the intersection of Penniman and Main Street is under construction.  Getting around downtown is more difficult given that Main Street is closed between Ann Arbor Trail and Fralick.

The Downtown Development Authority’s official information packet indicates the expected completion date for the project is May 4, 2011.

Here are some photos from the DDA’s Facebook page.


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The current hope of the USPS is to keep the downtown branch open, selling it and then leasing it from the owner.  If that does not work out, the USPS hopes to keep a branch in the city.


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layoffs of vital personnel like police are the result.  Plymouth Township has a $350,000 refurbished storage shed but is threatening police cuts.


I’m sure township officials would argue about the importance of this storage facility and it probably is important.  But call me crazy.  I think police officers are more important.  If a municipality can’t keep officers on the road, it’s not serving government’s most basic function, which is to provide police protection to its citizens.

That’s just my $0.02.

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Plymouth and a number of local businesses are well represented on Facebook.  I wrote the other day about the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page, but since then I’ve found a number of other pages.  If you’re a “FB’er” you might like these.









I’ll gladly post more as I find them.

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Plymouth Mayor Phil Pursell will not seek re-election to the City Commission even though he is eligible for another term.  He has said he would like to spend more time with his family and move onto other things.  Best of luck, Mayor.


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