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In the run up to this past weekend’s Art in the Park, I really had little to no interest in it.  I probably felt like I had seen a lot of the art in years past.  I also knew it would be hot and, quite honestly, I don’t like walking around on pavement in the heat all day.  Our plans to get away to one of the Great Lakes fell through so we went to the AitP and I’m glad we did.

My wife loved  — loved! — the works at the Plymouth Potter’s Guild’s tent.  She bought several pieces, which is a first.  We normally don’t buy much at this festival.  It was nice to support local artists and it was cool to see that some local people making great stuff.

I loved the artist — and I cannot recall her name — who did literary caligraphy.  She has not been at AitP in the past few years, so she was new to us.  Her stuff was beautiful.  I would have picked up a piece but I got shopped out before I could make up my mind and return to her booth.

The street chalk artists did some lovely free-hand copies of a handful of Van Gogh masterpieces.   It was inspiring to watch them work.

The most pleasant surprise for me was the appearance of “The Toppermost,” a Beatles tribute band.  I’m a Beatlemaniac, but I’ve never really gotten into cover bands.  Since they were playing a free concert, though, I was happy to check them out.  I must say they did a pretty good job of capturing both the sound and spirit of the Beatles live, at least the Beatlemania/moptop period (1962-64.)  Vocally they didn’t sound  a whole lot like the Beatles, but who can really copy the singing styles of any of the Fab Four?  No one.

I didn’t get a lot of photos this time around, but I got a few that I will share.   They don’t really capture the overall feel for the event — they’re little tiny snippets.

Painted Boy


Van Gogh boats


Sugar and Spice

The Toppermost


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Small Town

I wrote this on my music blog as I was thinking about songs that may (or may not) remind me of this area.


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As summer unofficially ends in less than two weeks, so to does the popular concerts in the park series that take place at Kellogg Park.  The the last two Friday night concerts are

August 28th      Mass Transit
September 4th  Lady Sunshine & the X Band

Get down there and enjoy the shows while you can.

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On Saturday, August 15 (no time is given), the Plymouth Canton Symphony Musicians will honor the historic Woodstock concert .  The event will include music, “family activities,” hot dogs and ice cream and will be held at 46040 Ann Arbor Trail, Plymouth Township.

The event is $10 per car.

For more information call 734.451.2112

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Toto’s song “Hold the Line” has been stuck in my head since Friday night.

In case you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, the band Fifty Amp Fuse played at Music in the Air Friday evening.  They are a pretty good rock band that has a nice catalog of classic rock covers (perhaps some originals, too.)  I got to hear part of their show, but the song that really stuck with me was “Hold the Line.”  It’s a good little song, but 72 hours of that almost continuously running through my head is quite enough, thank you.

At least I’ll never forget the show.  What more could a band want?

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Wishing you a happy July Fourth (a day early.)

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Music in the Air has returned to downtown Plymouth. The first Friday evening event in this summer’s series was this past Friday.

While my personal taste in music runs a little counter to the types of bands that perform at Music in the Park, I love the atmosphere MItA generates downtown. The music brings the whole downtown area alive. It also puts butts in the seats at the local eateries, which is never a bad thing.

I don’t think there are too many cities that are as smart as Plymouth in drawing crowds downtown. Our business community is second-to-known.

Here’s a complete season schedule.

May 29th            Soul Academy
June 5th             Redhill
June 12th           Air Margaritaville
June 19th           Trilogy Band
June 26th           The Millionaire’s
July 3rd              Fifty Amp Fuse
July 10th            No Concert (Art in the Park)
July 17th            Steve King & the Dittlies
July 24th            Sarah Lenore
July 31st            Gia Warner
August 7th         Bluescasters
August 14th       Kris K Band
August 21st       Randy Brock Group
August 28th      Mass Transit
September 4th  Lady Sunshine & the X Band

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