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I was at Plymouth’s annual Independence Day parade, Good Morning USA, this morning but I didn’t necessarily have the best seat in the house.  I got a few shots that some might find interesting.

The highlight for me, in terms of entertainment, were the two A-10 Warthog flyovers.  Both were completely unexpected; from where I was, I couldn’t see them coming until they were just about overhead.  Flyovers always give me goosebumps.  As I write this, the A10’s just flew right over my house! I wonder why they’re still out flying over town.  The parade ended an hour ago.

Enjoy the pics.

By the way, I thought this monster car/truck was going to kill people.  It took up most of the road and people wanted the driver to gun the engine.  He had to ride the brakes to stay off the road.  Bad bad bad idea.  Why not gun the engine in neutral?



Detroit Martin Luther King Marchin Band






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