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Anyone familiar with Plymouth history probably knows that our town is known for b-b gun manufacturing.  The Red Ryder gun of A Christmas Story (maybe the best Christmas comedy ever) fame was made here in Plymouth.  The Plymouth Historical Museum will be honoring that history, tying it into other themes from the movie, in an exhibit that opens next week.

When the Plymouth Historical Museum reopens Nov. 18, officials will showcase their newest exhibit, “A Red Ryder Christmas Story.”The exhibit draws its inspiration from the popular 1983 movie, A Christmas Story, in which the main character, Ralphie, longs for a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. Throughout the museum’s Main Street there will be vignettes of scenes from the movie and from the original story upon which the movie is based.


The museum’s exhibit seeks to recapture that nostalgic spirit by displaying period toys, clothing and other artifacts.

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I just received this message from the Plymouth Downtown Development Authority and I figured I would pass it along:

Come to the Plymouth Purse Benefit on Saturday, September 19th at the Plymouth Historical Museum! Over 1,000 purses and accessories will be sold. 30% of the sales will go back to the museum. Admission is free!

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Next week is President’s Day, our national holiday which honors the births of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Mr. Lincoln, if he were alive today, would be 200 years old on February 12.

The Plymouth Historical Museum, which is known for its fascinating Lincoln collection, is currently exhibiting “In the Presence of Lincoln.”  Here’s a link to the exhibit: http://www.plymouthhistory.org/Current.html

The exhibit looks very interesting.  It includes Lincoln furniture on loan from the Henry Ford Museum as well as a book which belonged to Lincoln as a boy, a lock of his hair, Lincoln family geneology and photographs, and various handwritten documents, among other things.

Check it out.  What I’ve seen of the Lincoln collection there, I’ve loved.  Great stuff!

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