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During what I intended to be a get-in-get-out trip downtown for cupcakes, I couldn’t resist taking a few photos of the Ice Festival.  They’re not the best shots, but they’re a wee sneak preview of what you’ll see this weekend.




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Those of you attending this weekend’s Plymouth Ice Festival might be interested in the itinerary of events.  Quite a few things will be happening in/around the festival.  Have fun!


Festival Hours:

Friday, Jan. 22: 3PM – 8PM

Saturday, Jan. 23: 10AM – 6PM

Sunday, Jan. 24: 10AM – 5PM


The Sculpture Garden will be open 24 hours Friday through Sunday!

The following events take place during ALL festival hours!

  • Live ice carving and displays in the Sculpture Garden
  • Food vendors serving tasty winter treats
  • Hot Spot warming tent with local vendors
  • Forest Avenue scavenger hunt and petting farm

Friday, Jan. 22:

  • 7:00PM – Opening Ceremony feat. Detroit Red Wing Tomas Holmstrom
    Join us for opening remarks from Attorney General Mike Cox, Mayor Dan Dwyer,
    and Festival staff. Watch Detroit Red Wing Tomas Holmstrom cut a specially commissioned ‘Ice Ribbon’ to officially kick off this year’s festivities.
  • 7:00PM – Balto (Animated Film) at the Penn Theater
    A half-wolf, half-husky named Balto becomes a hero as he leads a dog team on a a 600 mile trip across the Alaskan wilderness.

Saturday, Jan. 23:

  • 11:00AM – 4:00PM: College Individual Carving Competitions
    Be on-site as we showcase the talent of young, local Michigan ice carvers. Witness the drama as over thirty individual college students compete under a strict time limit to win first prize at the Plymouth Ice Festival!
  • 1:00PM: Global Village perform on Penniman Avenue
    You can’t help but tap your feet to the funky sounds of Global Village heating up the Ice Festival with their infectious rhythms. Can you dig it?
  • 3:00, 5:00, & 7:00PM: Balto (Animated Film) at the Penn Theater
    A half-wolf, half-husky named Balto becomes a hero as he leads a dog team on a a 600 mile trip across the Alaskan wilderness.
  • 5:00PM: Dueling Chainsaws Speed Carving Competition
    Chips of ice will fly like sparks as competitors face off to win YOUR approval. It’s winner take all in this high stakes, fast-paced, entertaining show. Each contender will have only 15 minutes to carve a sculpture to be judged by the audience. Highlight of the festival…not to be missed!

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I’ve waited to post this to get a bit closer to the start of the event, keep it fresher in peoples’ minds.  This year’s Plymouth Ice Festival runs January 22 through 24, in downtown Plymouth.  The festival is held primarily at Kellogg Park, but local businesses quite often have their own sculptures.  Be sure to stroll the streets downtown.

Here’s more information regarding the festival.


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Now!  They are still in Kellogg Park.  It has been plenty cold so they haven’t melted or fallen apart.  Best of all there are no crowds!

I love this event, but there were so many people there Saturday — throngs bumping into and stepping on each other — I didn’t feel like I could see the sculptures, appreciate the work that went into them.

I did get a few pictures that I will post later.  But if you live in/near town, go check them out for yourself.

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The Weather Channel (www.weather.com) says the high temperatures for Plymouth on Saturday and Sunday are around 15-16 degrees.

Past ice shows have been disappointing when warm weather has melted the sculptures.  All sorts of snow and ice is melting today. It’s a balmy 37 degrees now.

But the next two days there’s no fear of any melting.  It will be plenty cold, so bundle up.

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If you’re coming from out of town or live in town but hadn’t planned out your visit to the ice sculpture show, may I recommend a few places for food and drinks?

If you’re going to be around in the morning and want breakfast, head over to Crawford’s Kitchen on Starkweather.   It’s not downtown so, on a cold day, you may not want to walk from there to the ice sculptures.  But it’s very close drive (too close to drive in nice weather) from downtown.  The food is fresh and prices are reasonable.  Crawford’s is on Starkweather, just north of Main Street, about a 1/4 mile east of the downtown area.  You’ll find it in Old Village.

For lunch (if you’re not counting calories), I cannot recommend highly enough The Burger Spot, which is downtown and only about block from Kellogg Park.  TBS has fantastic burgers and hot dogs and scrumptious (haven’t used that word in years) french fries. You will pay about a dollar to two dollars more per burger there than at a fast food joint, but the burgers are excellent with many varieties from which to choose.  If you’re feeding a family, just share a basket or two of fries.  They go along way. Here’s TBS’s website. http://www.burgerspot.net/

If you just want a nice cup of coffee or some hot chocolate to warm you up, head over to the Coffee Bean on Penniman, near Harvey.  It is only a block away from Ice Spectacular.  The Bean has been voted Detroit’s Best Coffee Shop and I couldn’t agree more.  The Bean will probably be busy.  But it’s worth the wait.  There are some chain coffee/bakery places downtown, but the coffee, in my opinion, is better at the Bean.  Besides, the local business would appreciate your support.  Here’s the Bean’s webpage. http://www.plymouthcoffeebean.com/

If you’re around for dinner, there are plenty of places to eat.  If you want a more upscale type of bar food, check out either O’Callaghan’s on Penniman or 1999 Tavern on Forest.   O’Callaghan’s is a building away from Main, so it is closer (just a little) to the action.  If you want bar food and a hundreds of beer choices (literally), the Box Bar is on Ann Arbor Trail, right across from park.   There are two Italian eateries on Main, just across from the park.  Fiamma is more of an upscale restaurant. http://www.fiammagrille.com/ and Compari’s, right next door, is slightly more casual atmosphere http://www.comparisdining.com/ Both are great choices if you’re not trying to save a few dollars.

Have fun at the Ice Spectacular.

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From January 20 to 26, northbound Main Street, between Ann Arbor Trail and Penniman, is closed for the Ice Spectacular.  Essentially you cannot drive northbound on Main Street adjacent to Kellogg Park.

This should be a great year for the ice sculptures.  Weekend temperatures are not expected above freezing.

Have fun this weekend.


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