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Technically, it’s outside of Plymouth, but only by feet!  The Salvation Army has opened its Canton Family Store today, located at the corner of Morton Taylor (Main Street) and Joy Road.  It’s located in the store front previously occupied by Farmer Jack.

The store looks great and they have a ton of nice stuff.  I was able to attend a preview last night and was really impressed with both the store and the good work the Salvation Army does in ours and other communities.   The SA Family Store is a great place to spend your money.

Here’s an article detailing a little bit more about the store and the purposes it serves.




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We’ve finally had a chance to do some shopping at Plymouth’s newest purveyor of food-stuffs — I’ve always liked the word “food-stuffs” — Suburban Harvest.  We’ve bought quite a bit of fruits and vegetables, some bread, dairy and even a few processed things like peanut butter.

Both my wife and I love having this store in the neighborhood.  It’s has been both pleasant and convenient shopping there, and we plan on making it a regular stop.

If you’re serious about participating in the 3/50 Project, Suburban Harvest would be a great place for you to spend some of the money you will set aside for purchases from local retailers.  Everyone needs to eat, after all, and you can certainly find things there that you will need.

Check the blogroll for a link to Suburban Harvest’s website.

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Merchants downtown are having sidewalk sales.   I’ve driven by but not seen anything.  My wife has been down there and called me to say there are some fantastic deals, some real bargains.  She picked up a few items (and missed out on a few.)

Get to downtown Plymouth ASAP before the sale ends!  Sorry for sounding like a pitchman.  This is not a paid advertisement.

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The website says to look for the store to open “late June.”  Well, we’re about as late as it gets in June.


Perhaps I’ll put in a call over there, see when we can expect the grand opening.

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Now you’ll have no excuse for skipping your veggies.  Coming soon to our town, on the southwest corner of Main Street and Wing, is Suburban Harvest, a purveyor of “organic and locally grown produce.”  Check out the website.


This has been a long time coming.   With the coming of the meat/dairy/bread store on Forest Street and Suburban Harvest just a block away, we’ll be able to do all of our shopping right downtown.  We can avoid the jam packed aisles and parking lots over at Kroger.

I’m love my country and, for the most part, our way of life.  But I envy a more European lifestyle: the ability to get one’s daily food needs fresh each day, within walking distance of home.   I’m looking forward to it.

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and pretty busy.

A new Kilwin’s fudge and ice cream store,  at the corner of Penniman and Main Street, opened last week sometime.  I’ve been by there several times in the evening and it was very busy.

Since Kilwin’s sells ice cream, I’m curious about the effect that could have on the other local ice cream stores.  There is also a very nice candy store in town, Kemnitz, and hopefully the candy and faudge in Kilwin’s won’t siphon off its business.

In this economy it’s great to say any new business downtown.  I hope it Kilwin’s does well.

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My wife has recently become a big fan of teas, both green and black.  The health benefits of tea, e.g. the anti-cancer properties of antioxidant polyphenols, and its natural ability to energize, relax, soothe ailments, etc., make it an ideal drink.

My wife has fallen in love with Tranquilitea, located on Ann Arbor Trail, 1/2 block west of Main Street, downtown.  They sell loose-leaf teas and accessories.  Checkout Tranquilitea’s website:

(I am also adding its website to my links.)

The owner is extremely knowledgeable.  She explained to my wife the various benefits of teas, the numerous varieties carried in the store, and proper brewing instructions.

My wife initially brought home about a 1/2 dozen varieties and they all tasted very good.  She can’t get enough and gets new teas every few days.

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