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Yesterday, after itching to buy a bass for the last few weeks, I figured I’d check out Blue Fish Music, local store I’ve past dozens of times, but never entered. Two visits on Saturday and I left with a used Dean acoustic/electric bass for a great price. My buying experience was very pleasant; Blue Fish is a great local merchant worthy of our support.

The store specializes in guitars, both electric and acoustic, but has a few basses, lutes, mandolins and other such stringed instruments. In fact, I didn’t recognize some of the gear in the place. Like all cool guitar shops, there’s a good mix of new and used stuff. It’s 3 parts store, 1 part repair shop. Instruments being resurrected from the dead are spread out around the store. Repair work is done right there on the sales floor, so you can watch the experts at work.

Plenty of stools and amplifiers are available so that you can test drive whatever you’d like. Just grab an axe off the wall, plug in and go.

One of the things I liked best about dealing with the folks at Blue Fish was the laid back approach to customer service. Only once was I approached and asked if I needed help. My presence was acknowledged, but the employees let me find my way around the store and play with some of the instruments without constantly questioning or advising me.

A little thing that should be a given anytime you buy a big-ticket item from a store like this was the owner, Paul Murphy, making sure he was satisfied with the sound of my bass before I left with it. On his own initiative, he spent the better part of half-an-hour tweaking my bass, getting rid of buzz and some other quality issues he could hear but I couldn’t. I have an open invitation to bring the bass back if it needs anymore tweaking and adjusting. Customer service like that is great in my book because I’m not the type of buyer inclined to ask a lot of a seller. That Paul wanted me to be happy, in spite of my ignorance, means that I can trust him and the folks at Blue Fish.

Blue Fish Music is in the heart of Old Village, on Starkweather, just south of the railroad tracks. It’s in an ancient one story brick place with large display windows. If you’re looking for a stringed instrument, make sure you check it out before heading over to the nearby big box music store in the area.


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My wife has recently become a big fan of teas, both green and black.  The health benefits of tea, e.g. the anti-cancer properties of antioxidant polyphenols, and its natural ability to energize, relax, soothe ailments, etc., make it an ideal drink.

My wife has fallen in love with Tranquilitea, located on Ann Arbor Trail, 1/2 block west of Main Street, downtown.  They sell loose-leaf teas and accessories.  Checkout Tranquilitea’s website:

(I am also adding its website to my links.)

The owner is extremely knowledgeable.  She explained to my wife the various benefits of teas, the numerous varieties carried in the store, and proper brewing instructions.

My wife initially brought home about a 1/2 dozen varieties and they all tasted very good.  She can’t get enough and gets new teas every few days.

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