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Here’s a nice little interview with Donna, manager of the Plymouth Coffee Bean.  If you’re a regular at the Bean, you’ll know what a great person she is.

This sums up why the Bean is the best coffee shop in town


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My wife has recently become a big fan of teas, both green and black.  The health benefits of tea, e.g. the anti-cancer properties of antioxidant polyphenols, and its natural ability to energize, relax, soothe ailments, etc., make it an ideal drink.

My wife has fallen in love with Tranquilitea, located on Ann Arbor Trail, 1/2 block west of Main Street, downtown.  They sell loose-leaf teas and accessories.  Checkout Tranquilitea’s website:

(I am also adding its website to my links.)

The owner is extremely knowledgeable.  She explained to my wife the various benefits of teas, the numerous varieties carried in the store, and proper brewing instructions.

My wife initially brought home about a 1/2 dozen varieties and they all tasted very good.  She can’t get enough and gets new teas every few days.

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Back when I was in grad school, my close friend, Joe, introduced me to the Plymouth Coffee Bean Co., or “the Bean,” on Penniman.  Before there were coffee shops on every street corner, the Bean was one of the few places around that sold anything better than gas station coffee.  Just as inviting as the good coffee was the one-of-a-kind atmosphere.  The Bean’s like having a coffee shop right next to your own living room.  I spent hundreds of hours there studying or working on files.  I also made a number of friends there and the Bean became a central place to meet friends either to hang out or move on to another event.

Now that I am a Plymouth resident, it’s the place where I daily get my morning coffee or bag of ground beans to take to work.  The coffee sold at the Bean is delicious, with lots of varieties served.  While the big chains keep jacking up the price of their fancy-named cups of joe, the Bean is a bargain.  If you bring in your own cup, you can fill ‘er up for 85¢.  How can you beat that?

Plymouth has seen coffee houses come and go over the years.  The old Studio Café, a place that never had good coffee – the loft was nice, though – is now Zapata’s, a fast-food style Mexican restaurant.  Some other specialty stores serve coffee but you would probably not visit those places just for the coffee itself.  It only compliments their delicious foods and desserts.

When Starbucks and Panera Bread both opened several years back, some of us Bean lovers worried that it might fold.  Both of those places get their fair share of coffee buyers, but neither makes better coffee than the Bean and neither hold a candle to the Bean as far as atmosphere.  If you want to see works of art by local artists or hear local musicians perform, you’ll find those things only at the Bean.  By contrast, the only word I can think to describe Starbucks’ atmosphre is “contrived.”  The company has tried too hard to convince us that a cold, sterile (concrete and plastic) place is actually warm and inviting.  There is no reason to be in there except to buy coffee…and leave promptly.

If you live here in Plymouth, or are just in town for a visit, drop by the Bean.  It’s at Penniman and Harvey, downtown.  Take a look around, grab a nice cup of coffee, sit back and relax.

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