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Here’s a nice article about a local church’s (mine) monthly “Theology on Tap” events which are held at the Box Bar.

The next meeting is  Tuesday, October 12, at 7:00 pm


Essentially, this is what Theology on Tap is all about

Since February, on the second Tuesday evening of every month, TOT participants have gathered in the back room of the Box Bar for food, drink and discussion. Rather than an across-the-table conversation friends might have, Trinity TOT uses something akin to a debate format. The topic of the evening — which invariably can be discussed from three to six or more points of view, theories or perspectives — is put forth by presenters who advance a given position on the topic. After each position is presented or advanced, as overseen by the moderator, the topic is open for question and answer or even debate amongst those in attendance.

This is no mere Bible study or Sunday School session. Rather than dissecting a few Bible passages or simply retelling Bible stories, TOT hits broader philosophical and theological topics. “The purpose of Theology on Tap,” MacKinnon says, “is to address what we as a growing need to discuss more ‘meaty’ topics.”  “We want to go beyond feel-good, self-help, relational types of books and things that seem to predominate Christian media today.”

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I am occasionally contacted regarding Trinity Evangelical Presbyterian Church’s “Food Pantry” ministry as I have written on it in the past and I am also a member of that church.

Trinity has revamped its website and it now has all the information you need about this vital ministry.  If you are in need of food in these tough times, or you know a family that is, follow this link.  I trust that this ministry, which has fed thousands of metro Detroit area families, can be of some help.


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Here’s an excellent article of what’s been happening at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Superior Twp. (Plymouth mailing address.)  This is an excellent outreach and I encourage anyone who reads this to pass this along to anyone you know who could use assistance with groceries.


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I was privileged today to see Trinity Church’s monthly Food Pantry outreach in action today.  What a touching experience.  I attend Trinity, have written about this event and have followed it somewhat distantly.  But today was my first time actually seeing it.

If there is a way in which Trinity and her people show God’s love it’s through this outreach.  The church, partnered with Gleaners Food Bank, has been distributing about 300 or so food baskets one Saturday per month.  Estimates are that about 1,000 people are fed for one week by the food baskets.

What is really great is that families are invited into the church for hot food served at their table.  It was bitter-sweet to see the place packed and all the tables filled.  It’s awful that so many in our community need that kind of help, but it was great to see that they are getting the help.

Trinity, which is located at Gotfredson and Ann Arbor Road, will continue this outreach on a monthly basis.  If you have questions about it feel free to call  734-459-9557.  Look for posting in Detroit Craigslist or check this blog for information.  I will try to remember to keep up-to-date on that ministry.

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Trinity Church’s food distribution program appears to be a monthly event.  Apparently much need in our area has been identified.

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, free food will be distributed at Trinity Church, located on Ann Arbor Road at Gotfredson, in Superior Twp. on the dates listed above.

To handle the demand, the Church asks that pick-up be arranged/reserved prior to the event dates.  The call/reservation (not pick-up) times are from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on the following dates

March Pantry — March 23-27
April Pantry — April 20-24
May Pantry — May 26-29
June Pantry — June 22-26

Mark these dates on your calendar. Trinity’s number is 734.459.9557

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I have not been in Church the last several Sundays to get updated information.  I can see that this blog gets a fair amount of hits on the posts regarding the mobile food pantry and Trinity Church’s work with Gleaners.  I’m not sure if that is simply out of interest/curiosity or because people are desperate and looking for help.

Since I do not have updated information to pass along and the February 14 food distribution is quickly approaching, I suppose I should pass along the Church’s phone number.  If you need help, or know someone that does, call Trinity Church at  734.459.9550

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As I indicated in an earlier post, Trinity Presbyterian Church has partnered again with Gleaners Food Bank to purchase and distribute a truck load of food items to needy families.  The next food give-away will be on January 17 at Trinity Church.

The church is on the northeast corner of Gotfredson & Ann Arbor Roads.  The address is 10101 Ann Arbor Rd W, Plymouth, MI.  Here’s a map for your convenience.

As I understand it, due to overwhelming demand and extremely high volume of calls prior to the last food pantry event, Trinity Church has set up the food give-away to be done by reservation.

To receive food you must pre-arrange pick-up!  The Church has asked that needy individuals call to make reservations at the following number, dates and times:

Phone — 734.459.9550

Dates — January 13, 14 & 15

Times — 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

A warm lunch will also be served inside the Church on that day.  As I understand it, any and all are welcome to have lunch.

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