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Technically, it’s outside of Plymouth, but only by feet!  The Salvation Army has opened its Canton Family Store today, located at the corner of Morton Taylor (Main Street) and Joy Road.  It’s located in the store front previously occupied by Farmer Jack.

The store looks great and they have a ton of nice stuff.  I was able to attend a preview last night and was really impressed with both the store and the good work the Salvation Army does in ours and other communities.   The SA Family Store is a great place to spend your money.

Here’s an article detailing a little bit more about the store and the purposes it serves.




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On Thursday, April 15th, from 6 p.m. to midnight, there were be a pub-n’-grub crawl in downtown Plymouth, which will include these bars and restaurants:

  • Ironwood Grill
  • Penn Grill
  • Sean O’Callaghan’s
  • E. G. Nick’s
  • 1999 Tavern

The cost is $5 per adult for buffets at all five pubs, a T-shirt & raffle ticket.  Raffle proceeds will benefit local charities.

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I received this email from the Salvation Army’s Plymouth Corps.  Plymouth area volunteers should be proud of their accomplishments during this Red Kettle Campaign

Dear Friends:

We here at The Salvation Army – Plymouth Corps want to offer a warm and heart felt thank you to everyone who donated their time, talents and monies to help support our 2009 Thanksgiving and Christmas programs.

We have over 1,100 volunteers in the Plymouth Corps Volunteer First data base and it is through our volunteers’ commitment to The Salvation Army that we successfully completed another blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

We wanted to share with you an update on the current status of our fund raising campaign and holiday assistance given to those in need.

The overall Christmas fund raising goal is $315,000. We have received $272,069, or 86% of the goal to date. We will wrap up the fund raising campaign at the end of January 2010. With your help, $212,104 was collected in the Red Kettles; additionally, we have received $59,965 in cash or check donations at our Corps office in Plymouth.

Just to share some seasonal stats:
Our Christmas Toy Towne assisted 354 families which included 1,215 children.
Our Christmas Food for Seniors & Singles assisted 29 families.
Our Thanksgiving food distribution assisted 358 families including 1,268 children.
Our Coats 4 Kids assisted 130 families including 296 children.
Our Back 2 School Blitz assisted 140 families including 307 children.

And to recap our volunteered hours:
Our Thanksgiving programs:
17 volunteers packed boxes for a total of 42.50 hours
42 volunteers assisted with the distribution for a total of 91 hours

Our Christmas programs:
Toy Towne Preparation 99 volunteers with a total of 594 hours
Toy Towne Distribution 213 volunteers with a total of 1,491 hours
Christmas Application Processing 7 volunteers with a total of 60 hours.

Additional Front Desk coverage 9 volunteers with a total of 145 hours.
Food Pantry Assistance 8 volunteers with a total of 20 hours.

And let us not forget those brave and hearty individuals, who stood in the cold, rain and snow to ring bells during the Red Kettle Campaign.

Once again, our community is blessed with wonderful volunteers!! Thank you for stepping up to help those in need. Without your continued support, we would have never been able to assist the many families and individuals during this past holiday season.

Have a Blessed and Happy 2010

The Plymouth Corp Staff
The Salvation Army – Plymouth Corps

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Here’s an excellent article of what’s been happening at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Superior Twp. (Plymouth mailing address.)  This is an excellent outreach and I encourage anyone who reads this to pass this along to anyone you know who could use assistance with groceries.


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I was privileged today to see Trinity Church’s monthly Food Pantry outreach in action today.  What a touching experience.  I attend Trinity, have written about this event and have followed it somewhat distantly.  But today was my first time actually seeing it.

If there is a way in which Trinity and her people show God’s love it’s through this outreach.  The church, partnered with Gleaners Food Bank, has been distributing about 300 or so food baskets one Saturday per month.  Estimates are that about 1,000 people are fed for one week by the food baskets.

What is really great is that families are invited into the church for hot food served at their table.  It was bitter-sweet to see the place packed and all the tables filled.  It’s awful that so many in our community need that kind of help, but it was great to see that they are getting the help.

Trinity, which is located at Gotfredson and Ann Arbor Road, will continue this outreach on a monthly basis.  If you have questions about it feel free to call  734-459-9557.  Look for posting in Detroit Craigslist or check this blog for information.  I will try to remember to keep up-to-date on that ministry.

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I, personally, could do without the carnival and rides.  I understand that the midway hauls in a lot of money for the City, so it has some value.  But as entertainment, it’s a bit overwhelming.  It is certainly not a good value for people with children.  The more exciting rides cost about $4.00 per ride.  Day passes can only be purchased on Sunday.  We probably spent nearly $70 for rides this weekend and we’re fortunate to be able to do that.

The games of skill and chance are rip-offs, as everyone one knows.  The music and the rides, after a few hours, are taxing on the system.  I have a pretty high tolerance for noise and crowds, but I found myself wishing there were quieter entertainment options.

We did get a chance to see the O’Hare Irish Dancers, from Plymouth’s own O’Hare School of Irish Dance, and they were fantastic.  Other musicians and performers did hit the bandshell/stage over the weekend.  If I had my druthers — perhaps I should try to get on whatever committee puts on the fest — the festival would be all that kind of entertainment and no midway.

But that’s just me, maybe.  Despite having some gripes about the carnival, I loved the Fall Festival and had a great time.  It’s still my favorite yearly event.

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The Breast Cancer Three Day Walk will go through Plymouth Saturday between 9:45-2:00. The official “cheer station” will be at the Kellogg Park.

I noticed that the barricades are already being set up.   Be prepared for possible traffic issues downtown.

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