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Our baby Jesus has been stolen from the nativity scene downtown.  This is a really old prank, that happens in cities and towns all over the country.  It’s about as lame and cliche as toilet papering people’s yards.  The thieves are probably teenage boys that thought they’d really get a great laugh out of somebody by ridding the nativity scene of its centerpiece.

I hardly think this is a federal offense, but it is a bit of obnoxious to steal during Christmas, a supposed time of giving.  It’s also disrespectful to people that feel like the nativity represents the “true meaning of Christmas.”

That said, the nativity scene does have  an (oh-so-slight) humorous element without the figure.

The Nativity Scene

Where's the baby?

A surprised shepard



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Nativity scene, Plymouth, Michigan

How do you feel about a nativity scene being displayed at Kellogg Park, which is city property?  I’m looking for respectful dialog on this issue, not personal attacks, attacks against people of faith or people without faith, etc.  If you like the nativity scene and think it’s appropriate, say why.  If not, and you care to discuss it, share your reasons.

I’ll go on record as saying I’m for it.  I think this is still primarily a Christian country and Christians (observant and otherwise) pump billions and billions of dollars into the economy around the Christmas season.  We should able to be open and honest about the religious implications of the season.  I don’t think other religious displays should have to be placed in the park to balance things out, so to speak.  I am a lawyer and I understand the Supreme Court has said religious displays can be part of a larger, non-sectarian celebration.  I just happen not to care what the Supreme Court thinks on the subject.

On the other hand, I could live with all holiday displays being pulled out of the park entirely.  Why?  If society wants separation of church and state — a concept not found in the Constitution — it’s only fair to pull out everything.  I don’t think the government should honor or recognize purely secular things, especially stuff like Santa Claus and elfs and snowmen.

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Not that I’ve counted or anything, but it seems like there are more lights downtown this year than in years past.  Most years I pay little attention to holiday lights, either in the city or in peoples’ yards.  But since they put up the holiday lights this year, a week or so ago, I’m almost mesmerized when I drive or walk through downtown at night.  Today’s steady rain has coated the pavement, making a mirror-like reflective surface for all the bulbs, traffic lights and neon signs.  I couldn’t resist trying out the night landscape settings on my wife’s new camera.

Main Street, Plymouth, Michigan

The Penn

The Box

Kellogg Park

The Creche

Lights, raindrops


The tree

It's A Wonderful Life

Penniman Avenue

Free Smells

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I’m not much for holiday decorations.  I’m a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas.  But I like seeing the The Three Wisemen aka the Magi making their way from east to west through Kellogg Park.  They have, quite fittingly, started their journey before the leaves are all off the trees.  It’s a long way from Persia to Bethlehem, after all.

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Anyone familiar with Plymouth history probably knows that our town is known for b-b gun manufacturing.  The Red Ryder gun of A Christmas Story (maybe the best Christmas comedy ever) fame was made here in Plymouth.  The Plymouth Historical Museum will be honoring that history, tying it into other themes from the movie, in an exhibit that opens next week.

When the Plymouth Historical Museum reopens Nov. 18, officials will showcase their newest exhibit, “A Red Ryder Christmas Story.”The exhibit draws its inspiration from the popular 1983 movie, A Christmas Story, in which the main character, Ralphie, longs for a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. Throughout the museum’s Main Street there will be vignettes of scenes from the movie and from the original story upon which the movie is based.


The museum’s exhibit seeks to recapture that nostalgic spirit by displaying period toys, clothing and other artifacts.

Read the full Plymouth Observer article here.


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daisyadIf you’ve seen the movie, A Christmas Story, you’ll know that line.  If you’ve been around Plymouth very long, you’ll also know that air rifle used to be made right here in town.

Michigan History Online has a great brief history of Daisy (and the air rifle industry more generally)


Red Ryder was a character created by the company, during the Depression, to market Daisy Air Rifles to kids:

The 1930s also saw the introduction of a cowboy theme with Daisy guns honoring teenaged rodeo and movie cowboy Buzz Barton and movie cowboy Buck Jones. However, Cass Hough was always concerned about a celebrity endorser becoming entangled in a scandal and hurting Daisy’s image. He found a solution in the form of an imaginary cowboy, a comic strip hero whose name and association with Daisy have become legendary. Late in the 1930s, Daisy met Red Ryder. Actually, it was Fred Harman, author-artist for the Red Ryder comic series who came from Colorado to Plymouth to sell Daisy on a pistol concept he had whittled from wood. Harman and Cass Hough hit it off and before long they joined with Red Ryder owner Stephen Slesinger in joint promotional efforts. Daisy’s Red Ryder phase, including the No. 111 Model 40 Red Ryder Western Carbine, was among the most profitable eras of the company. The Daisy Red Ryder air gun was immortalized in the 1983 classic movie A Christmas Story, featuring Ralphie’s quest to get a Red Ryder air gun despite everyone’s warning that “You’ll shoot your eye out.”

The whole story of this industry and its origins in town is fascinating.  Check out the entire article.

Merry Christmas.

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Merry Christmas


I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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