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Those of you attending this weekend’s Plymouth Ice Festival might be interested in the itinerary of events.  Quite a few things will be happening in/around the festival.  Have fun!


Festival Hours:

Friday, Jan. 22: 3PM – 8PM

Saturday, Jan. 23: 10AM – 6PM

Sunday, Jan. 24: 10AM – 5PM


The Sculpture Garden will be open 24 hours Friday through Sunday!

The following events take place during ALL festival hours!

  • Live ice carving and displays in the Sculpture Garden
  • Food vendors serving tasty winter treats
  • Hot Spot warming tent with local vendors
  • Forest Avenue scavenger hunt and petting farm

Friday, Jan. 22:

  • 7:00PM – Opening Ceremony feat. Detroit Red Wing Tomas Holmstrom
    Join us for opening remarks from Attorney General Mike Cox, Mayor Dan Dwyer,
    and Festival staff. Watch Detroit Red Wing Tomas Holmstrom cut a specially commissioned ‘Ice Ribbon’ to officially kick off this year’s festivities.
  • 7:00PM – Balto (Animated Film) at the Penn Theater
    A half-wolf, half-husky named Balto becomes a hero as he leads a dog team on a a 600 mile trip across the Alaskan wilderness.

Saturday, Jan. 23:

  • 11:00AM – 4:00PM: College Individual Carving Competitions
    Be on-site as we showcase the talent of young, local Michigan ice carvers. Witness the drama as over thirty individual college students compete under a strict time limit to win first prize at the Plymouth Ice Festival!
  • 1:00PM: Global Village perform on Penniman Avenue
    You can’t help but tap your feet to the funky sounds of Global Village heating up the Ice Festival with their infectious rhythms. Can you dig it?
  • 3:00, 5:00, & 7:00PM: Balto (Animated Film) at the Penn Theater
    A half-wolf, half-husky named Balto becomes a hero as he leads a dog team on a a 600 mile trip across the Alaskan wilderness.
  • 5:00PM: Dueling Chainsaws Speed Carving Competition
    Chips of ice will fly like sparks as competitors face off to win YOUR approval. It’s winner take all in this high stakes, fast-paced, entertaining show. Each contender will have only 15 minutes to carve a sculpture to be judged by the audience. Highlight of the festival…not to be missed!

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I received this email from the Salvation Army’s Plymouth Corps.  Plymouth area volunteers should be proud of their accomplishments during this Red Kettle Campaign

Dear Friends:

We here at The Salvation Army – Plymouth Corps want to offer a warm and heart felt thank you to everyone who donated their time, talents and monies to help support our 2009 Thanksgiving and Christmas programs.

We have over 1,100 volunteers in the Plymouth Corps Volunteer First data base and it is through our volunteers’ commitment to The Salvation Army that we successfully completed another blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

We wanted to share with you an update on the current status of our fund raising campaign and holiday assistance given to those in need.

The overall Christmas fund raising goal is $315,000. We have received $272,069, or 86% of the goal to date. We will wrap up the fund raising campaign at the end of January 2010. With your help, $212,104 was collected in the Red Kettles; additionally, we have received $59,965 in cash or check donations at our Corps office in Plymouth.

Just to share some seasonal stats:
Our Christmas Toy Towne assisted 354 families which included 1,215 children.
Our Christmas Food for Seniors & Singles assisted 29 families.
Our Thanksgiving food distribution assisted 358 families including 1,268 children.
Our Coats 4 Kids assisted 130 families including 296 children.
Our Back 2 School Blitz assisted 140 families including 307 children.

And to recap our volunteered hours:
Our Thanksgiving programs:
17 volunteers packed boxes for a total of 42.50 hours
42 volunteers assisted with the distribution for a total of 91 hours

Our Christmas programs:
Toy Towne Preparation 99 volunteers with a total of 594 hours
Toy Towne Distribution 213 volunteers with a total of 1,491 hours
Christmas Application Processing 7 volunteers with a total of 60 hours.

Additional Front Desk coverage 9 volunteers with a total of 145 hours.
Food Pantry Assistance 8 volunteers with a total of 20 hours.

And let us not forget those brave and hearty individuals, who stood in the cold, rain and snow to ring bells during the Red Kettle Campaign.

Once again, our community is blessed with wonderful volunteers!! Thank you for stepping up to help those in need. Without your continued support, we would have never been able to assist the many families and individuals during this past holiday season.

Have a Blessed and Happy 2010

The Plymouth Corp Staff
The Salvation Army – Plymouth Corps

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The City of Plymouth has, in my estimation, great city services.  I’ve been impressed in years past with how prompt the city gets streets cleared of snow.  But there have been several snowfalls the past week and I have not seen our streets plowed once.  “Mess” might be too harsh a word, but the residential streets are definitely not as clear as they should be.  They are a bit dangerous and slippery, too.

Why haven’t the trucks been out in the neighborhoods?  Budget crunch?

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We hear all the time in the media how “disconnected” people are from each other in modern society.  There’s a paradox at work: it is easier to communicate these days but we communicate less personally, perhaps even less frequently.  Face-to-face communication is said to have less importance.  We are also told are communities are more spread out due to sprawl, busyness and the general hectic pace of modern life.  People don’t know their neighbors like they did two generations ago.

I’m sure there is truth in all that.  But I’m also continuously reminded of how those things seem to be less true here in Plymouth, especially the city but also in the township.  I’ve worked in Plymouth Township since 1995, but we’ve only lived in the city since December 2005.  Despite growing up elsewhere, I am constantly surprised when I learn that a person that attends Church with us is best friends of our neighbor’s sister, or that new friends of ours from the area grew up 2 houses down from our current place and know many of our neighbors.  I could go on and on with examples.

We were at a party last night.  Our families know each other through our children who attend Smith Elementary together.  At that party, we found out that we have friends living on the home where our hosts grew up.  We also learned that some mutual friends know many of our current neighbors and even other friends.  It is really like a web.  Maybe there is something to the six degrees of seperation stuff.

Whatever the case may be, feeling like everyone knows everyone else — and most of that being positive as opposed to gossipy — helps make Plymouth feel like the place where we belong, where we should stay.

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If you are a Facebook user, or FB’er as we are sometimes called, you can become “friends” with the Plymouth Community.  From what I gather, this is the Plymouth Community Chamber of Commerce’s official Facebook page.

If you use FB, this is a good way to follow what is happening in Plymouth and Plymouth Township.


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I drove by the Penn Theatre this morning and noticed that the new marquis is in place.  It looks great!  It’s a definite improvement over the old one.  It has a traditional/historic look and fits the architecture of the building very nicely.

The message on the marquis says that it will be lit on June 25.  I presume there will be some sort of lighting ceremony.

I will try to get photos of it this evening.

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Plymouth Mayor Phil Pursell will not seek re-election to the City Commission even though he is eligible for another term.  He has said he would like to spend more time with his family and move onto other things.  Best of luck, Mayor.


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