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There’s an old adage you’ve all heard: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  That’s true, no doubt. But I’m pretty sure it was built faster than the new commercial building at Main Street and Ann Arbor Trail.  This eyesore – my apologies to those that like this place – has been “coming soon” for a seeming eternity.



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If you’ve been downtown in the last few weeks, you’ve noticed that the intersection of Penniman and Main Street is under construction.  Getting around downtown is more difficult given that Main Street is closed between Ann Arbor Trail and Fralick.

The Downtown Development Authority’s official information packet indicates the expected completion date for the project is May 4, 2011.

Here are some photos from the DDA’s Facebook page.


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Once again, I’m sharing a photo of the streetscape project (as of 5/24).  This is the compass motif that is the intersection of Ann Arbor Trail and Main Street.

Thanks to whoever took this fine photo and put it on FB.

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On its Facebook page, the Downtown Development Authority posted some nice photographs of the streetscape project downtown.  I do not know who to credit the photos to other than the DDA.

Hopefully the intersection will be open fairly soon.

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I used to love cutting across town (east to west) along Wing Street.  But with the intersection of Main Street and Ann Arbor Trail closed for construction, the detour is taking downtown traffic along Deer and through the Wing-Main Street intersection.  It gets quite busy there during heavy traffic hours.

If you take sidestreets around town you might wish to avoid Wing.

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Merry Christmas citizens of Plymouth (and surrounding areas.) After nearly two years, the Sheldon Road-M-14 underpass is open.  What a relief!

No longer will we have to drive through the middle of the City and/or Old Village to get to Northville or northwestern Livonia. If there are trains running through the middle of town, we can finally head under them at Sheldon Road.

My daughter went to school in Northville for two years and most of that time, our commute to school had to go through town due to  the underpass construction.  I can’t count how many times she was late for school because of trains.  Even when we started the trip with plenty of time to spare, trains (or the resulting backup) could take 10, 15 minutes or more to clear.  It was a headache, a maddening, soul-chomping commuter’s nightmare.

I can’t wait to use the underpass.  I think I’m going to drive it today just to do it, just for the hell of it.

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