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A large film crew has taken over Kellogg Park. I’m guessing from one of the set pieces that some kind of “Biggest Loser” thing is taking places. If you know what’s going on, feel free to enlighten me.


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Late last year, HGTV’s “House Hunters” shot in Plymouth.  The house hunting were choosing between two Plymouth homes and an Ann Arbor listing.  They ultimately chose a home in the City of Plymouth.  My wife and I caught the show on TV last night, which was its original airing time.

Photo from AnnArbor.com


Photo from patrickandcarrie.com


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The Michigan Film Office in Lansing has stopped accepting tax incentive applications. Apparently, incentives are, indeed, going to be capped at $25 Million.

Major Hollywood productions began drying up right around the time that Governor Snyder announced his desire to restructure, including drastically reducing, the film tax credit. My guess is that it will be a long time before medium to large budget Hollywood movies (such as Trust, Machine Gun Preacher or Scream 4) come to our area. Hopefully I am wrong.

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The tempting thing to do is to roll right into a full-blown movie review, especially when I find a film to be moving, disturbing or alarming.  But I’m not going to do that, despite the serious subject matter.  I’ll say this much: Trust was a fairly well done movie.  The acting, storyline and dialog were, for the most part, very solid.  While not terrifically graphic, the movie is disturbing.  At least five people walked out of the theater.  If you’re a parent, the movie will scare you.  It will also likely cause you to have very frank discussions with your kids about the dangers that lurk on the internet.  It will also tug at your heart a bit, especially if you have a daughter.  If you don’t mind emotionally challenging films, check it out.  Be warned that it is not suitable for younger children and might not even be right for older ones.

Now that that’s out of the way, I can talk about what I really wanted to say (on this blog) about the movie. When I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, it was unheard of, at least here the Detroit area, to see your neighborhood in a film.  Sure, there would sometimes be shots of the Detroit skyline (e.g. Beverly Hills Cop) or maybe a landmark like Tiger Stadium would find its way into a movie (think: Tiger Town.)  I remember there was a buzz around the whole metro Detroit area when parts of Somewhere in Time were shot on Mackinac Island.  Back then, if a movie crew got within a few hundred miles of the city, it was news.

That, perhaps, explains my fascination with the filming that has taken place here in Plymouth in the last several years.  I was drawn to Trust, not by the storyline or the actors in it, but because it (not all of it of course) was filmed in town.  Seeing a neighbors’ homes, the storefronts on Forest Street, the front of the Coffee Bean and some other local spots gave the film a personal t0uch that I can’t quite explain.  When you see something on the big screen that you drive by everyday on your way to work, there’s a little bit (more) of your imagination that gets pulled into the film.   You feel a little bit like you’re part of the story, not because you know the characters, but because you imagine that all this stuff is happening around the corner.

You might not believe this given my reaction to this and the other movies shot in/around town, but I’m really not much of a stargazer.  I don’t read People magazine.  I tend not to care which celebrities are getting married, divorced having babies or dying.  I just don’t care much about knowing their personal lives and I wouldn’t go out of my way to seek their company.  But films still hold a bit of magic in them.  To see that “magic” taking place around you, at least for me, is fascinating.

I saw Trust at the Penn Theater tonight.  Fittingly, the preview for Scream 4, which is coming soon to the Penn, opened up the film.  I have not seen it yet, and I have no real interest in the so-called “Scream franchise.”  But I will see it because of its local content.  Hopefully it’s entertaining as well as familiar.

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We have a budget crisis in the State of Michigan.  The Governor is constitutionally obligated to balance the budget.  He’s suggesting deep cuts to the tax incentives (very low cap on total credits, cut backs on rebates) for filming in the state.   I cannot see how this wouldn’t impact our area, seeing as how we’ve already drawn shoots for three films right here in the city.

For those of you that follow this blog, how do you feel about this issue?  Is it better to make painful cuts, even at the expense of the Michigan and local film industry (and all the ancillary workers supported by it), or must cuts be made elsewhere so we can preserve what has been a booming aspect of this state’s economy?

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There’s a lot going on downtown today with filming for Scream 4 taking place.

This morning I was unable to get close to the set(s) because filming was in progress. Today around lunch, though, much of downtown and big sections of Kellogg Park were easy to access.

I didn’t see any of the cast — sorry to disappoint you stargazers. But I did get what I think are a few shots of interesting set features, mostly vehicles.

Woodsboro Police cruisers, Scream 4, Plymouth, MI

News trucks (fake), Scream 4, Plymouth, MI

Ghostface lamp cover, Scream 4, Plymouth, MI

Woodsboro Gas & Electric truck, Scream 4, Plymouth, MI

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Woodsboro Police Station, for Scream 4, downtown Plymouth, MI

Downtown Plymouth, Michigan is being transformed into downtown Woodsboro, California for shooting for Scream 4.  The facade that was being built next to the Box Bar is now complete and is the Woodsboro Police Station.  The Plymouth Gathering, next to the Penn Theater, is now the Woodsboro Gathering.  I suspect Kellogg Park will be prominent in the background of this movie — or at least bits of it.

From what I’ve been told, shooting will take place tomorrow and the next day, i.e. Monday and Tuesday, July 19-20.

It’s pretty fun having this kind of even in town.  If you want to take a peak at these changes, get downtown soon.  I have to assume that the sets will be torn down immediately after local shooting is complete.  After all, the Box needs its parking lot back.

Woodsboro Police Station for Scream 4

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