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I am occasionally contacted regarding Trinity Evangelical Presbyterian Church’s “Food Pantry” ministry as I have written on it in the past and I am also a member of that church.

Trinity has revamped its website and it now has all the information you need about this vital ministry.  If you are in need of food in these tough times, or you know a family that is, follow this link.  I trust that this ministry, which has fed thousands of metro Detroit area families, can be of some help.



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I have not been in Church the last several Sundays to get updated information.  I can see that this blog gets a fair amount of hits on the posts regarding the mobile food pantry and Trinity Church’s work with Gleaners.  I’m not sure if that is simply out of interest/curiosity or because people are desperate and looking for help.

Since I do not have updated information to pass along and the February 14 food distribution is quickly approaching, I suppose I should pass along the Church’s phone number.  If you need help, or know someone that does, call Trinity Church at  734.459.9550

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