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The link above has lots of great info
on our historic neighbors to the west, Salem Township.  I’ve been in that area a lot lately and started exploring it a bit. 

The town itself is “cute” and friendly enough.  There are some keen historic places to see.











More pics from other sites around the area will be posted later.


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I apologize ahead of time for this post being more personal and less about the Plymouth community more broadly. I can’t help myself though, I’m so pumped.

Our family and friends, including a number of folks from here in town, will be gathering at the Knights of Columbus Hall (K of C #3292) on Lilley Road this coming Saturday for our Second Annual Burns Night. If you don’t know what Burns Night or a Burns Supper is, it’s a dinner party to honor Scotland’s beloved poet, Robert Burns. Burns
Suppers are typically held on or around his January 25 birthday. More than celebrating the poet, Burns Night is about celebrating Scotland’s history, literature and culture. And they’re a helluva lot of fun.

The evening involves toasts of whiskey, saluting and eating haggis and enjoy other really good Scottish dishes and desserts. Of course gentlemen that have kilts (like me) wear them and a piper provides the music.

We hosted a Burns Supper two years ago in our home and things were a bit tight. We had dinner at another couple’s host last year but decided to try our own party, this time at a hall or restaurant.

I can tell you that I was disappointed that (a few) local restaurants were not interested in working with us to get the necessary ethnic food. It is apparently customary not to permit outside food at rented restaurants. However, the restaurant could always order the food needed and charge the celebrants extra for the inconvenience, but they’d rather not do that apparently.

The Knights of Columbus gave us a great rate and we’ll have a nice space. I look forward to holding our party there.

How does this tie in to Plymouth? I see this event happening with our group every year and, in fact, I fully expect it to get bigger. I have this idea — vision, pipe dream perhaps — of this evolving into a community-wide event. It’s kind of exciting to see it that way.

If you’re by the K of C Saturday night, look for the kilts and listen for the bagpipes. That’ll be us.

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Anyone familiar with Plymouth history probably knows that our town is known for b-b gun manufacturing.  The Red Ryder gun of A Christmas Story (maybe the best Christmas comedy ever) fame was made here in Plymouth.  The Plymouth Historical Museum will be honoring that history, tying it into other themes from the movie, in an exhibit that opens next week.

When the Plymouth Historical Museum reopens Nov. 18, officials will showcase their newest exhibit, “A Red Ryder Christmas Story.”The exhibit draws its inspiration from the popular 1983 movie, A Christmas Story, in which the main character, Ralphie, longs for a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. Throughout the museum’s Main Street there will be vignettes of scenes from the movie and from the original story upon which the movie is based.


The museum’s exhibit seeks to recapture that nostalgic spirit by displaying period toys, clothing and other artifacts.

Read the full Plymouth Observer article here.


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I drove by the Penn Theatre this morning and noticed that the new marquis is in place.  It looks great!  It’s a definite improvement over the old one.  It has a traditional/historic look and fits the architecture of the building very nicely.

The message on the marquis says that it will be lit on June 25.  I presume there will be some sort of lighting ceremony.

I will try to get photos of it this evening.

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I’ve written about this issue several times in the past, so no need to rehash the background.

By way of update, I received an email today regarding a fundraiser to save the Veterans Memorial Park wall, the original stone and mortar wall erected shortly after World War I.  If you are interested in this issue, please check out this event and give if you can.

Hi all — I heard from my friend Wendy this week. The bad news is that they did not get the grant they applied for. The good news is that thus far they have collected $2,600 in donations. Just enough to perform the basic repairs to the wall! Which is great, but they are really trying to reach their goal of $5,600 by the end of the month. They are holding a fundraiser — “Tea and Scones to Save the Stones.”

Saturday, April 18, 2009
1pm – 3pm
Plymouth District Library

Enjoy tea and sweet treats provided by:
Sweet Afton Tea Room • Panera Bread Co. • Tranquilitea
While you discover lovely & unique creative
theme tables designed by:
• Basket Kreations • Bohemian Home • Haven
• Home Sweet Home • Maggie and Me
• Magnolia • Sideways • The Velvet Plum

Tickets are $15 each and can be purchased at the above retail shops. Tickets must be purchased before April 18th.
No tickets will be sold the day of the event.
Brought to you by:
http://www.plymouthpreserv ation.org

Please pass along to anyone you think might be interested. Thanks so much!!

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little-flowerI love this blog.  I really started it as something of wordpress test run, using it to get familiar with this software.  Before starting it I had all kinds of ideas of the things I could write about Plymouth: culture, art, architecture and events.

Lately, though, I’ve found myself slipping almost entirely into something of community news (soft news, of course) correspondent.  Lacking, it seems, has been creativity and uniqueness.  Instead of writing about the beauty that surrounds us, I’ve mainly been talking about events and happenings.  That’s fine, but I want this blog to be about more than that.

With the weather quickly improving, I hope to be able to get some nice photographs to show and describe some of the unique features of town.  Perhaps I’ll even be able to do one of the things I wanted to do originally which is get some nitty-gritty details about some of the fantastic architectural works in the city.

Spring is a good time to reflect on renewal.  I know that is usually done at the new year, but I like to think of things restarting — coming alive again — now.  Could there be a better time to celebrate the resurrection (for us Christians) than this time of year?  I think not.

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Next week is President’s Day, our national holiday which honors the births of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Mr. Lincoln, if he were alive today, would be 200 years old on February 12.

The Plymouth Historical Museum, which is known for its fascinating Lincoln collection, is currently exhibiting “In the Presence of Lincoln.”  Here’s a link to the exhibit: http://www.plymouthhistory.org/Current.html

The exhibit looks very interesting.  It includes Lincoln furniture on loan from the Henry Ford Museum as well as a book which belonged to Lincoln as a boy, a lock of his hair, Lincoln family geneology and photographs, and various handwritten documents, among other things.

Check it out.  What I’ve seen of the Lincoln collection there, I’ve loved.  Great stuff!

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