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Late last year, HGTV’s “House Hunters” shot in Plymouth.  The house hunting were choosing between two Plymouth homes and an Ann Arbor listing.  They ultimately chose a home in the City of Plymouth.  My wife and I caught the show on TV last night, which was its original airing time.

Photo from AnnArbor.com


Photo from patrickandcarrie.com


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One of the things I hoped to do with this blog was feature local architecture.  Frankly, though, it is not as easy as I thought to gather meaningful information and photographs, and write about them, as a hobby.  If this were my full-time gig, things would be different.  But I digress.

Two autumns ago, my wife and I took a number of photographs of homes and businesses here in the City of Plymouth.  These are places we love and that we think lend much to the city’s visual appeal.  Stealing an idea from the famous “Doors of Dublin” or “Doors of Cincinnati” style posters one finds in tourist traps, I suggested we take some photographs of some cool doors here in town.  Over the next few days, I’ll share the shots we took.

Experimenting with her then new camera and photograph editing software, my wife put all these pictures through some sort of paint filter.  The software gave the photos the look of being heavy oil paints or, perhaps, even cartoons.

I hope you like them.









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I unearthed a number of photos my wife and I (mostly her) took around town in fall 2007. Neither of us are photographers by hobby and we’re certainly nothing close to professional. But she has pretty good instincts and we we were able to capture some interesting shots of businesses and homes here in the city. The new header was taken by her on one of our walks.

I’ll be featuring some of those photographs in the coming days.

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Yesterday I checked three excellent books on Plymouth history from the library (more about the books later.)  In just thumbing through them I was surprised at how many historical buildings in Plymouth have burned to the ground over the years.

We all know that homes and buildings in the past weren’t built or maintained with the kind of fire prevention features we have today.  People also used to have to use candles for light and wood fires for heat.  We are also blessed with better trained professional firefighters that use effective equipment.  I’m not surprised that relatively fewer homes and building burn these days.  I’m just surprised at how many fantastic old buildings are no longer in town because of fires.  It seems that fires have claimed as many buildings as the wrecking ball.

Here’s just one example of many that I ran across, the Penniman-Allen Theater, which used to be on Penniman (surprise!)  It was a destroyed by fire in 1968.  I wasn’t around the see it but it must have been a beautiful building.


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My wife and I love taking long walks together when we can.  Most of the time, we walk through Plymouth — downtown and through the neighborhoods.  I think what we enjoy the most is looking at all the really great homes, the diverse architecture styles, design, decoration and landscaping.  Yep, we’re nerdy that way.

Right now — and this entire weekend — is perfect Plymouth sightseeing weather.  It is cool but not cold.  While the fall colors are not quite at “peak” (however that is defined), there is a lot of color and most the leaves are still on the trees.  Harvest and Halloween decorations and college flags are out everywhere.

As the big election is less than three weeks away, candidates’ signs are all over the place.  I have my candidate chosen, but I’m fascinated to see who in town is supporting McCain or Obama.  I like to match the home with the candidate, see if there is any sort of apparent (surface, of course) “fit” between the homeowner’s style and the candidate he or she is supporting.  So far I’ve found little correlation, but I enjoy trying anyway.

Get out in town and walk.  There is lots of stuff to see.  Enjoy the outdoors before we all have to hibernate.

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