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I, personally, could do without the carnival and rides.  I understand that the midway hauls in a lot of money for the City, so it has some value.  But as entertainment, it’s a bit overwhelming.  It is certainly not a good value for people with children.  The more exciting rides cost about $4.00 per ride.  Day passes can only be purchased on Sunday.  We probably spent nearly $70 for rides this weekend and we’re fortunate to be able to do that.

The games of skill and chance are rip-offs, as everyone one knows.  The music and the rides, after a few hours, are taxing on the system.  I have a pretty high tolerance for noise and crowds, but I found myself wishing there were quieter entertainment options.

We did get a chance to see the O’Hare Irish Dancers, from Plymouth’s own O’Hare School of Irish Dance, and they were fantastic.  Other musicians and performers did hit the bandshell/stage over the weekend.  If I had my druthers — perhaps I should try to get on whatever committee puts on the fest — the festival would be all that kind of entertainment and no midway.

But that’s just me, maybe.  Despite having some gripes about the carnival, I loved the Fall Festival and had a great time.  It’s still my favorite yearly event.


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