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I’ve “blogged” about this, the impending doom of Blockbuster, twice in the past.



I guess the prognosticators were right: Blockbuster, which put thousands of mom-and-pop video stores across the country out of business, could not adjust to changing markets and media formats.

I don’t care much for Blockbuster video other than the fact that there is a local store (Sheldon and Ann Arbor Roads) that, presumably, employees local people.  In fact, I know it does because a neighbor of mine works at the store.

The good news for Blockbuster’s competitors is that the company is in trouble and is closing stores.  Our local Blockbuster is set to close according to the big yellow and black banner on the front of the building.  The bad news is that there will be ______ of people around here without jobs.  Hopefully they’ll find better work at other area businesses.



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Gerard Butler is in the metro Detroit area to film Machine Gun Preacher.  Apparently, bits are being filmed in Westland.

I bring this up here because I heard on 97.1 FM this morning that the cast and crew were dining or doing something over at Plymouth High School.  I’ve not heard that any filming would take place in Plymouth, but there is movie-related activity going on around here.

Scream 4 is shooting in Northville, by the way.  There are several  other movies being shot here in the metro Detroit area.  http://www.freep.com/article/20100709/ENT01/7090330/1035/ENT/Mind-your-movie-manners-

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Filming is (or was as of 2 hours ago) taking place on Church Street between Harvey and Blunk.

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Apparently Boulders bar and grill is closed to the public because shooting for Trust is taking place there.

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Thanks to Marti Erickson Chamberlain for allowing me to post photos she took of the outdoor set of Trust.  Those of you familiar with Plymouth will recognize this area as Penniman Street, just west of Harvey Street.


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David Schwimmer has been eating at Burger Spot.  *thumbs up*  Of course, there’s other good information in this article.


Trust is the name of the movie that Schwimmer, best known for his role as Ross on the television sitcom Friends, has been directing in Plymouth and other area locales in recent days. The movie, a family drama, stars Clive Owen, Catherine Keener and Noah Emmerich; the writer is Andy Bellin.Schwimmer and his cast and crew were on Church Street last week and on Forest Avenue on Monday. Shooting began in Michigan Nov. 5 and is scheduled to be completed in mid-December, said publicist Cid Swank.

Trust is believed to be the biggest Hollywood production with a Plymouth setting since the 1980s newspaper drama Word of Honor, starring Ron Silver and the late Karl Malden.

“It creates economic opportunity,” said Wes Graff, executive director of the Plymouth Community Chamber of Commerce. “Obviously, it’s sent some money” into the local economy. Graff said he spoke with an assistant on the set who told him 60 percent of the film’s crew is from Michigan.

Schwimmer, who is directing his second film, has been seen around Plymouth several times, including twice at the Burger Spot on Forest, where he had lunch on Monday and one day last week.

“Kind of a quiet guy,” said Burger Spot owner Mike Schmidt. Schwimmer had two burgers and a large order of fries on each visit, Schmidt said. He ate alone, reading and checking messages on his phone, Schmidt said, although he was briefly accompanied by a woman on his first visit.

“Still waiting for Clive Owen or Catherine Keener,” Schmidt said with a smile.

Schwimmer seemed friendly and approachable, Schmidt said, although he pretty much kept to himself. On his Monday visit, he was recognized and attracted a few curious people, he said, including one woman who spoke with him briefly, Schmidt said.

Graff said Schwimmer’s interest in Plymouth speaks well of the impression the city makes on visitors.

“The quality of what they consider to be scenic, the older homes, obviously plays well with this kind of film,” he said.

A made-for-cable movie, Christmas in Pittsburgh, is also scheduled to be partly filmed in Plymouth, beginning next month, Graff said.


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Shooting for a David Schwimmer-directed film, Trust, starring Clive Owen and Catherine Keener, started tonight in town.  It will resume from Thursday afternoon to Friday morning and pick up again after Thanksgiving.


Friends of mine have already gone downtown to do some stargazing and they’re posting pictures on Facebook.  Pretty exciting to have a film crew right in the heart of the city.

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The Penn Theatre has done a great job of getting ahold of some very big movies. The newest installment in the Harry Potter series will be at the Penn October 9-11.


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Our family just saw, UP, a fantastic little movie in the first-run theater a few weeks back, and at a hefty price, too. It’s a great “family” movie. I can’t believe it’s coming to the Penn so soon.

It will run there August 28-30, and September 3. Tickets are only $3.00. That beats the pants off the $11 per ticket we paid. Go see it. You’ll like it.

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AmadeusCloseup Last night my wife, daughter and I watched Amadeus.  It was the 3rd time my wife and I saw this brilliant film; my daughter’s first.

Toward the end of the movie it came rushing back to me that the movie’s star, Tom Hulce, grew up right here in Plymouth.  The Joanne Winkelman Hulce Center for the Arts on Sheldon Road is named in honor of Tom’s mother.

Tom has made a number of movies, but besides Amadeus, he’s probably best known for his work in the classic comedy Animal House (he played Larry ‘Pinto’ Kroger) and the solid Steve Martin flick Parenthood (he played the ne’er do well brother/son, Larry Buckman.)

I wish I knew more about his history, especially here in town.   I have no idea whether he visits here anymore or maintains any ongoing connection to the community.  He is probably one of Plymouth’s most recognizable sons.  I like his work and would love to see him back in town for whatever reason.

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