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I’m a huge fan of the Plymouth District Library.  I try to get there once a week.  Sometimes I’m just there to thumb through books and CDs to relax.  Other times I know what I want and I’m there to get it.  I also once in awhile check to see what events are happening at the library.  As much as I have felt like I knew what was going on there, I have been completely and utterly ignorant of of the great library services available online.

I just discovered that new books, DVD’s, music and books on CD, best sellers, etc. are listed and updated.  Better yet, they can be ordered online.

To some of you, this is nothing new.  Lots of people that are more in tune than I am do everything online and they know about all these great resources.  Although I’m pretty internet savvy, I’m otherwise not really with the times on things like this.  I’d never think of looking to see if the library has a list of the newly obtained CD’s.  Instead, I’d end up digging through the rack, hoping to find something new and exciting.

The front page of the library’s website has these resources.  Check it out.  Familiarize yourself with it.  The library’s web page is a great tool.



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Besides a few of the bars in town being jam-packed tonite, I’m not sure what is happening around the city this fine day.

If you are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, I hope you have a wonderful time.  Enjoy this great traditional Irish song sung by  Sinead O’Connor.

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Maybe I wasn’t paying attention last year, but I believe this is a brand new event.  The Downtown Development Authority, with the participation of the stores and restaurants downtown, is throwing a Mardi Gras celebration starting noon the 2/21.

Plymouth-Canton student art will be on display.  Merchants will give out beads. Steve King & the Diddlies will play at 5:00 p.m. There will be “kid friendly” events in Kellogg Park as well.

After the concert you are invited to “hang out as partygoers converge on downtown for a night of fun and late night parties. The party continues into the night at any of over 30 shops, bars and restaurants.”

More info, if you really need it, is found at http://www.downtownplymouth.org/CivicAlerts.asp?AID=103

I’m not sure an outside party will have a lot of draw in late February here in Michigan.  There again, the ice sculpture shows are well attended, even when it is deathly cold.  This is clearly just another event to draw people into the downtown area.  Plymouth certainly doesn’t have a Mardi Gras tradition.  I hope it goes over well and people have a great time (and the businesses downtown make loads of cash.)

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I apologize if this comes off as an advertisement for another blog.  I suppose it is that, but I won’t see any payment for it.

I’m passionate about music.  I have other blogs but Plymouth Living is the one I love the most and it also has the most readers.  I have to fight off the temptation of putting other topics of interest on this blog.  I want to keep this about Plymouth, with rare exception.

The solution I’ve come to is to start another blog just about music.  I’m still putting it together, but there are some posts (one will look familiar.)  It’s called “The Sound of the Pounding,” a great line from one of Oasis’s new songs.

You can find it on the link below or in my blogroll (links) on the side.


I hope you stop by and check it out.  Comments are not only welcome but encouraged.

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88.1 FM, which broadcasts from the Plymouth Canton Educational Park, is student-run radio.  WSDP is buried all the way over to the left of the dial (for those of us that remember radio dials) and doesn’t have the strongest broadcast signal, but it comes in crystal clear in town and within a few miles from here.

I had almost forgotten about it.  I listened to it years ago but for some reason went to more commercial radio stations.  I sort re-discovered it a few weeks ago when I was trying to find out whether there was a football game at the park.  Since then I’ve reset it on my radio presets and I’ve hardly listened to another station since.

WSDP is what radio should be.  There are few commercial, almost no talking and a staggering amount of musical variety.  This is what FM radio used to be (back in the ’70’s.)  The playlist is definitely a lot less mainstream than most FM programming.  It has a college radio feel to it.  But most of the music played is pretty accessible.  You don’t have to be heavy into so-called “alternative” or “underground” music to enjoy it.  At the same time, you won’t hear the same 50 songs day and day out like most corporate radio these days.

Check out The Escape.  The kids do a great job.

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I apologize for the late notice of this event. I only noticed this today. Here’s the PFDC’s website


I like fife and drum bands. Very American. Very British.

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For years I’ve wanted to help put on a Celtic festival and have discussed that with several friends and considered several different locations.  Most recently, a friend and I discussed putting one on here in Plymouth and made some very general inquiries about whether that would be doable or even welcomed.

More recently I’ve felt like as good as a Celtic festival would be, they are pretty common.  I’ve been to a few different ones a number of different times and they all, for reasons that are hardly surprising, lean heavily toward Irish music and culture.  The Scots are represented and highland games (and similar events) round out what tends to get left out of the more general “Celtic” festivals.  Welsh music and culture, at least in my experience, are not represented at all.

Obviously, nothing of English culture is represented at such events, one, because of the historic animosity between the Celtic folks and the English and, two, for the obvious reason that the English aren’t Celts.  Maybe some exist on the East Coast, but I am not aware of any festivals that celebrate Anglo-Saxon music and culture.

I’m English, Irish, Ulster-Scot, Scottish and Welsh, but mostly English and Irish.  It has recently dawned on me that my English ancestry has not been as personally significant to me as the others though it is the bulk of my genetic make-up.  From that it hit me that my personal feelings seem to mirror American recognition (or lack thereof) of heritage.  Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, but when is anyone ever English?

I’d love to see Plymouth have a festival that brings in food, music, cultural and historical/educational events that recognize the people of all the so-called British Isles, both collectively and seperately.  If I knew there was interest in something like this, I would take a serious look at trying to organize it.

Let me know what you think.  If it sounds like an even that you would attend and/or want to participate in, feel free to comment.  Of course, if it sounds like a lousy idea, you can say that as well.

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