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Not that I’ve counted or anything, but it seems like there are more lights downtown this year than in years past.  Most years I pay little attention to holiday lights, either in the city or in peoples’ yards.  But since they put up the holiday lights this year, a week or so ago, I’m almost mesmerized when I drive or walk through downtown at night.  Today’s steady rain has coated the pavement, making a mirror-like reflective surface for all the bulbs, traffic lights and neon signs.  I couldn’t resist trying out the night landscape settings on my wife’s new camera.

Main Street, Plymouth, Michigan

The Penn

The Box

Kellogg Park

The Creche

Lights, raindrops


The tree

It's A Wonderful Life

Penniman Avenue

Free Smells


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There has been a lot of fun and excitement associated with the filming of Trust, the David Schwimmer movie starring Clive Owen and Catherine Keener.   I don’t know too many specifics, but quite a few scenes have been shot on the streets of our little town.

There are some other web sources regarding this, particularly some cool stuff on Facebook.  I’m hoping to gain permission to share some of that information here (since it was gathered by someone else’s hard work.)

UPDATE:  As of about 8 p.m. today (Wed., 11/25), it looked like there was shooting taking place in The Gathering.  The intersection of Union and Penniman, and in front of the Penn, were closed to traffic.

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The Penn Theatre has done a great job of getting ahold of some very big movies. The newest installment in the Harry Potter series will be at the Penn October 9-11.


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I drove by the Penn Theatre this morning and noticed that the new marquis is in place.  It looks great!  It’s a definite improvement over the old one.  It has a traditional/historic look and fits the architecture of the building very nicely.

The message on the marquis says that it will be lit on June 25.  I presume there will be some sort of lighting ceremony.

I will try to get photos of it this evening.

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