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Here’s a nice virtual tour of the Plymouth Library.  Enjoy.

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I’m a huge fan of the Plymouth District Library.  I try to get there once a week.  Sometimes I’m just there to thumb through books and CDs to relax.  Other times I know what I want and I’m there to get it.  I also once in awhile check to see what events are happening at the library.  As much as I have felt like I knew what was going on there, I have been completely and utterly ignorant of of the great library services available online.

I just discovered that new books, DVD’s, music and books on CD, best sellers, etc. are listed and updated.  Better yet, they can be ordered online.

To some of you, this is nothing new.  Lots of people that are more in tune than I am do everything online and they know about all these great resources.  Although I’m pretty internet savvy, I’m otherwise not really with the times on things like this.  I’d never think of looking to see if the library has a list of the newly obtained CD’s.  Instead, I’d end up digging through the rack, hoping to find something new and exciting.

The front page of the library’s website has these resources.  Check it out.  Familiarize yourself with it.  The library’s web page is a great tool.


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The Plymouth District Library is truly one of our area’s treasure.  There are so many opportunities it affords to serve in the community, to learn or just to have fun.  Here are some upcoming (or ongoing) events that jumped out at me that looked particularly interesting

HOMEBOUND BOOK DELIVERY – Joining the Plymouth Community Council on Aging, the Plymouth District Library will deliver library books and audio books to homebound residents of the City of Plymouth and Plymouth Township. Call (734) 453-0750, Ext 240, to enroll or go to plymouthlibrary.org and complete the homebound delivery service registration.


The Plymouth District Library offers a wide variety of free computer classes – and is creating new classes all the time. Plymouth residency in the City of Plymouth or Plymouth Township is required for class participants. Registration is made through the Reader’s Advisory Desk, 734-453-0750, Ext. 4.


TEEN FAMILY GAME NIGHT, Wednesday, Dec. 30, 6:30 p.m. – Bring your friends and family members. Enjoy DDR and check out the new Wii system with Wii sports. Fill up on pizza and check out our board games, or bring your own. Games include Apples to Apples, Settlers of Catan, and Carcassonne, as well as classics like Monopoly and Chess. Reservations required for this free program – call Reader’s Advisory Desk – 734-453-0750, Ext. 4.

Thanks to the good folks at hometownlife.com for posting this information regularly.  Here’s a link to these events listings.  http://www.hometownlife.com/article/20091217/NEWS15/912170593/1032/Library+Watch

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Gamers, there’s a fun upcoming event set at the Plymouth District Library

VIDEO GAMING: Game On @ the Library on November 19 at 3:00 pm. Come in for friendly competition on our gaming consoles: Xbox 360, Wii and PS2. Snacks provided!


Check out other upc0ming events through that link.

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I’ve written about this issue several times in the past, so no need to rehash the background.

By way of update, I received an email today regarding a fundraiser to save the Veterans Memorial Park wall, the original stone and mortar wall erected shortly after World War I.  If you are interested in this issue, please check out this event and give if you can.

Hi all — I heard from my friend Wendy this week. The bad news is that they did not get the grant they applied for. The good news is that thus far they have collected $2,600 in donations. Just enough to perform the basic repairs to the wall! Which is great, but they are really trying to reach their goal of $5,600 by the end of the month. They are holding a fundraiser — “Tea and Scones to Save the Stones.”

Saturday, April 18, 2009
1pm – 3pm
Plymouth District Library

Enjoy tea and sweet treats provided by:
Sweet Afton Tea Room • Panera Bread Co. • Tranquilitea
While you discover lovely & unique creative
theme tables designed by:
• Basket Kreations • Bohemian Home • Haven
• Home Sweet Home • Maggie and Me
• Magnolia • Sideways • The Velvet Plum

Tickets are $15 each and can be purchased at the above retail shops. Tickets must be purchased before April 18th.
No tickets will be sold the day of the event.
Brought to you by:
http://www.plymouthpreserv ation.org

Please pass along to anyone you think might be interested. Thanks so much!!

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If you happen to be visiting this site and want to see what is happening in/around Plymouth, check my “blogroll.”

There are always interesting, educational things going on at the Plymouth District Library, so I’m adding its website to the blogroll.  I’m sure the library would love you to visit the website (and the library, too, of course.)

You can find the link in this post, too.


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If you want to take a peak inside the library without getting up out of your chair, check out the library’s photostream at Flickr.


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mainstreetI think my favorite place in town is the library.  It’s my escape when I want to get out but also have some quiet.

The internet is fantastic, but it’s not the same as getting information from a book.  Our library has a great selection of all sorts of materials.  I’ve been exposed to so many new groups (new to me, anyway) by digging through and checking out the audio CDs.  Each week I’m able to find 2 or 3 new things to listen to.  With as many movies there are, more and more now on DVD, there is little reason (except to get new releases) to go to the video store.

There might not be a more enjoyable use of public funds than the library.  To me, the taxes we pay here in town to support the library are worth every penny…and then some.

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Mr. Pausch’s co-author, Jeffrey Zaslow, will do a presentation on the book as part of that series.  Here’s what the Library’s blurb on this event from the website.  Looks like a pretty interesting event.

In March and April, the Plymouth Reads selection will be The Last Lecture written by Randy Pausch, with Jeff Zaslow. Activities in the Library will include two book discussion programs, a screening of the DVD of Randy Pausch’s actual lecture, “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams,” and a presentation by Jeffrey Zaslow, co-author of the book. Stop by the Reader’s Advisory Desk or call 734.453.0750, ext 4 for more details.

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