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The short of it is that I’m no longer a member of this fine community. I will be around but not enough to know what’s going on in town.

It’s been a wonderful experience to write about this fantastic community. Thanks for having me all these years.

God bless all of you


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Over the last several days, there have been a number of trains that have blocked the crossing grades at Ann Arbor Trail, Lilley Road and Main Street for, quite literally, hours at a time. It’s out-of-control. It’s not just an inconvenience. These trains keep us from getting to businesses in the city.

Guess what. There’s not a damn thing the city can do about it. Railroads are governed by federal law and cities and states cannot fine them for blocking crossing grades. Plymouth tried this years ago and the local ordinance was struck down.

CSX shoulld be more cognizant of the needs of the people in the areas where its lines run. CSX should be a more thoughtful part of this community.

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A large film crew has taken over Kellogg Park. I’m guessing from one of the set pieces that some kind of “Biggest Loser” thing is taking places. If you know what’s going on, feel free to enlighten me.

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The bar was shut down in January, apparently for too many violations.  The sign on the door says the place was supposed to re-open in February, which has obviously come and gone.

My guess is that the place is closed for good.


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Plymouth now has a tattoo place. Welcome to Plymouth, Red Anchor Tattoo Company.


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There’s an old adage you’ve all heard: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  That’s true, no doubt. But I’m pretty sure it was built faster than the new commercial building at Main Street and Ann Arbor Trail.  This eyesore – my apologies to those that like this place – has been “coming soon” for a seeming eternity.


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OK, it’s not here just yet, but, it will be here before you know it.  If you’ve followed this blog over the last few years, you might have read that Fall Festival is my favorite of all the festivals and annual downtown events … by far.

In case you were unaware, Fall Festival is a charitable event at its core.  When you at the spaghetti dinner, pancake breakfast and/or the Sunday chicken dinner, you’re supporting local civic organizations.


Check out the Fall Festival webpage, with a list of events.


From americajr.com

From patrickandcarrie.com

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