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A Plymouth dining mainstay was razed several days ago.  The Big Boy restaurant on Ann Arbor Road, just west of Sheldon Road, was closed and demolished to make room for expansion of the neighboring Kroger supermarket.  All that remains on the lot is Big Boy himself.  He stands proudly over the demolition site, holding his delicious hamburger high in the air.  Hopefully someone will preserve the figure itself.  It’s something of a pop culture icon here in the midwest.





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Each year, the homeowners of this haunt, located at Pinetree Drive and Terry Street in Plymouth Township, turn their front yard into a Halloween haven.  I think the pictures say it all.

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The Coffee Beanery, Sheldon and Ann Arbor Road, Plymouth

There is no shortage of coffee vendors in Plymouth.  Between the City and the Township, there are two Starbucks, at least two independent coffee houses, a few chains that sell lots of coffee as a sideline (e.g. Panera), and another franchise coffee store.  Of course, every gas station and restaurant sells coffee.  You can get it anywhere.

If I’m going to spend money on coffee, I look for three things, not always in this order:

  1. Convenience — Is the place close to home or work?  Can I get my coffee and get out of there quickly when I’m in a hurry?
  2. Coffee quality — Does the coffee taste good?  How is the variety?  If it’s not better than the lousy Maxwell House we have at the office, there’s no point in paying $2 for a cup.
  3. Service — Are the people cool?  I don’t need to be best buddies with the barista, but I’d like to think I’m a people person and when I have the time, I like to talk to the people with whom I am interacting.

Atmosphere is not a big thing for me these days.  I don’t tend to hang out much at coffee shops, so I don’t care whether or not there’s jazz wafting through the background or cool people sitting around reading heady books.   I’m certainly not against that (almost stereotypical) coffee shop atmosphere, I just don’t seek it out most of the time.

Given what I like and don’t about coffee vendors, The Coffee Beanery in Plymouth Township is one of my favorite places to get coffee in town.   It’s close to where I work; I can walk there in about 90 seconds.  That’s probably not true for most people, but getting in and out of there while you’re out and about town is just as easy if you’re driving.  The Beanery is the store closest to Ann Arbor Road, on the northwest corner of the Sheldon/AA Road intersection.  Pull in the lot, park, get your coffee, go!  Easy!

The coffee’s pretty dang good, too.  Full disclosure: I’m not a big fan of Starbucks.  That said, I feel like I can objectively the Beanery’s house blend, Beanery Blend, beats Starbucks’ house blend hands down.  Their coffees are flavorful but less acidic than some of Starbucks’ stuff I’ve had.  And you certainly won’t get better coffee or desserts at the gas station!

Each day, you’ll have three blends to choose from, typically.  For me, that’s plenty of variety.  I’ve sorted settled in with my favorites, so I don’t worry too much about choices.

Lastly, the service is great.  Everyone that works there that I’ve dealt with is genuinely warm, friendly and know how to treat customers.  The owners, the Changs, are great people and I really enjoy getting to know them.

Don’t forget the Coffee Beanery if you’re looking for a good coffee shop to hang out in or run in and grab a nice brew.  I think it works both as a sit down place — they have wi-fi *thumbs up* — and a grab-and-go place.


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to have our streets adequately plowed/cleared.

After last night’s surprising snowfall — not that we got snow at all but that we got so much — I wondered how bad the roads and streets in town would be.  They were worse than expected.

I’m one of the lucky ones.  Plymouth city plows cleared my street before 8 a.m.  Of course, they re-buried the mouth of my driveway, but that’s how it goes.

Tonight, 13 hours after my street was cleared, there are streets in the city still unplowed.  They’re a mess.  If you get unlucky and have to stop at a stop sign or light, you’re likely to get stuck at some of the intersections.  I didn’t get stuck completely, but I had a few intersections that I was nearly unable to cross because I couldn’t get traction in a foot of snow.

Along Ann Arbor Road, I saw a van and a car stuck in huge snow piles in the driveways of Arby’s and the Mobil at Sheldon Road.  These piles were in the road, not fully in the parking lot of these businesses.

I know there’s a budget crunch right now.  No one likes paying taxes.  I certainly don’t feel it’s my right to spend other people’s money or raise their taxes.  But can we get a voluntary pool in which whoever wants to contribute can throw in a few bucks to help pay for more plowing?  I’ll chip in some money.  The city can just add it to the water bill.


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Twice now I’ve had shish kabob at Red Olive (Ann Arbor Road between Main Street and Sheldon Road) and it is the best I’ve ever had, hands down.  It’s extremely tender, juicy and full of flavor.  It would be hard to make better stuff on your own barbecue.

If you like kabob I can’t recommend Red Olive highly enough!


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layoffs of vital personnel like police are the result.  Plymouth Township has a $350,000 refurbished storage shed but is threatening police cuts.


I’m sure township officials would argue about the importance of this storage facility and it probably is important.  But call me crazy.  I think police officers are more important.  If a municipality can’t keep officers on the road, it’s not serving government’s most basic function, which is to provide police protection to its citizens.

That’s just my $0.02.

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A man was injured, and could’ve been killed, by someone (maybe several) people tossing pumpkins from an overpass on M-14 in Plymouth Township.  Typically this kind of stunt is pulled by kids, but there is no way of knowing that for sure.  Whoever did it should do some serious jail time, in  my opinion.

If you have any information about who might have done this, I’m sure the Michigan State Police would love to hear from you.

Here’s a link to the story.


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