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There’s an old adage you’ve all heard: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  That’s true, no doubt. But I’m pretty sure it was built faster than the new commercial building at Main Street and Ann Arbor Trail.  This eyesore – my apologies to those that like this place – has been “coming soon” for a seeming eternity.



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Finally Plymouth’s beloved Burger Spot has re-opened.  It was closed for months for “remodeling” but there was actually a change in ownership.  The remodeling did occur and the place looks quite nice, but the temporary closure was more than about just aesthetics.

A few of the things that made the Burger Spot great remain unchanged.  The hamburgers taste about the same and the french fries are delicious as always.

But, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, more has changed than remained the same.  First, there is only one (1) type of true hamburger.  You get a choice of standard toppings (lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions.)  Gone are the dozen or so varieties of (beef) hamburgers the classic Burger Spot used to carry.

Second, salads and similar menu items have disappeared entirely.  There are a number of different sandwiches but I didn’t pay much attention to that side of the menu.  I went to the Burger Spot for a burger, not a sandwich.

Third, while there is only one hamburger, there are three other types of “burgers,” e.g. vegetarian and turkey.  I accidentally ordered the Greek Burger, thinking it was a beef hamburger with feta and tzatziki sauce.  I bit into it to discover that it was a vegetarian burger — clearly marked on the menu as such; my fault, not the restaurant’s.  While I wanted beef, I must admit that it was the best vegetarian burger I’ve ever had! By miles!

The limited menu is disappointing.  I think the new ownership, in my opinion, has changed one of the key things that made the Burger Spot the best.  But the menu that they do offer, though limited, is very good!

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A new bar and grill has opened downtown. The Rock Bar & Grill is located at 844 Penniman Avenue, next to the Post Office, in downtown Plymouth.

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The newest restaurant in Plymouth, located on the north side of Penniman, between Harvey and Main Street, had its grand opening the other day.  My family had a chance to eat there and we enjoyed it.

The food was good.  I had in mind that this was a straight-up Greek restaurant (because I didn’t notice “Mediterranean” in the name) and had hoped for a larger variety of Greek dishes.  But, what it doesn’t lacks in Greek cuisine it gains in Lebanese or “middle eastern” food like hummous, grape, falafel, etc.  I had a Greek salad with Gyro meat and really enjoyed it.  My family seemed to like the chicken kebob sandwich and the chicken fingers (for the kids.)  Everyone loved the french fries.

If you’re looking for a fantastic dine-in experience, this is not the place.  Although there are tables and counters at which you can sit and eat, it’s not really a sit-down restaurant.   I was a bit disappointed that the music, hip-hop and other top-40 radio stuff, was on and blasting.  That’s not my idea of dining music.  Everything, though, was otherwise clean and adequately comfortable.

I did appreciate the very good service we had.  The staff treated us very well.  I’m sensitive to customer service issues of late, but was pleased that the staff seemed genuinely interested in being friendly and making sure we were taken care of.  That makes up for other deficiencies, if you will.

Prices seemed fine to me.  It might be a shade expensive compared to some other places, but it’s hardly outrageous.  It’s less expensive than the Greek restaurants in Greektown.

I suggest you get their food to go.   You’ll enjoy it.

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*drum roll* brrrrrt. tssssh.

Dilly Dally Deli in Old Village!

If you like Reubens, you’ll love DDD’s version.  It’s not just the sandwich.  Their corned beef is out of this world!  What makes it so special?  Well, they make the best corned beef I’ve ever had from a restaurant.  I asked the owners how they got their corned beef so tender that it flakes in your mouth.  They cook it themselves, in their kitchen, all day.

I’ve never had anything other than the Reuben at DDD.  I can’t tell you that all their other stuff is good, but if the rest of their menu is half as good as the corned beef, the stuff would be wonderful.

I’m telling you.  You can’t beat their corned beef.  It’s delicious.

In case you don’t know where it’s at,  look at the map.


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I just polished off a hamburger and am now eating a little dish of their delicious hand-cut fries.

If you are unfamiliar with it, the Burger Spot is downtown Plymouth at 550 Forest Avenue.

TBS makes a variety of hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken sandwiches, as well as french fries to die for.  Yum!

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Our family had breakfast this morning at Bode’s.  We sat in the front of the restaurant, the former smoking section and it was nice.  Eating there without the second-hand smoke was immensely more pleasant.

The waitresses seem to appreciate the change.  Apparently staff health concerns prompted the change.

Thanks Bode’s for making this change.  I’d rather restaurants make these decisions for themselves then to have the government force it on them.

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