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The bank building at the corner of Sheldon and Ann Arbor Road was razed today.  It has been leveled to make way for a Kroger gas station. Since I’ve worked in Plymouth, the building has been home to Plymouth’s branch of Michigan National Bank, Standard Federal, Lasalle Bank and, finally, Bank of America.  I liked that location as it is near my office and I am otherwise frequently in the area.  I guess we now know the building will not be put to another use.


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AmadeusCloseup Last night my wife, daughter and I watched Amadeus.  It was the 3rd time my wife and I saw this brilliant film; my daughter’s first.

Toward the end of the movie it came rushing back to me that the movie’s star, Tom Hulce, grew up right here in Plymouth.  The Joanne Winkelman Hulce Center for the Arts on Sheldon Road is named in honor of Tom’s mother.

Tom has made a number of movies, but besides Amadeus, he’s probably best known for his work in the classic comedy Animal House (he played Larry ‘Pinto’ Kroger) and the solid Steve Martin flick Parenthood (he played the ne’er do well brother/son, Larry Buckman.)

I wish I knew more about his history, especially here in town.   I have no idea whether he visits here anymore or maintains any ongoing connection to the community.  He is probably one of Plymouth’s most recognizable sons.  I like his work and would love to see him back in town for whatever reason.

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It’s no surprise that there are potholes everywhere.  It’s that time of year and our roads here in Michigan are not that good even in good weather.

It’s also no surprise that Sheldon Road is full of potholes (enough to fill the Albert Hall,perhaps).  Sheldon Road has been bad since I was a kid.  What is surprising is just how awful it is right now.

Between Ford Road and Joy Road, parts of Sheldon Road are damned near impassible.  There are potholes everywhere.  Where there aren’t holes, the road is like cobblestone from all the patching over the years.  When you’re not dodging holes or bouncing over patch bumps, your car is pelted with pebbles of broken asphalt, concrete, rocks and soil run off from the road side.

It’s not my style to overstate things, but Sheldon Road on that two mile stretch is so bad that to drive on it is to put your car in serious risk of being damaged.  The road is simply too narrow along most of that stretch to dodge all the holes.  At night that stretch is not well lit and it’s almost impossible to see the holes until you’re right on top of them.

The stretch of Sheldon that runs through Plymouth Township and the City of Plymouth is in great shape.  No real problems there, at least nothing I’ve seen.  But in Canton, the road is in horrendous shape.

If you have to travel south from this area to Canton, I strongly suggest you avoid Sheldon if at all possible.  Wait until the patching crews have time to fill some of the holes.  Why risk blowing a tire or snapping a tie-rod?

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I’ve been lauding the opening of the Sheldon-M-14 railroad underpass.   It’s going to be a tremendous convenience to the people of Plymouth and Sheldon Road commuters.

I was shocked, though, to learn several things per today’s Plymouth Observer the most amazing being that the The entire project, which is not fully completed, cost $15,000,000. Yes, that’s right, 15 with 6 0’s behind it.  The project was originally slated to cost $8,000,000.

That’s a staggering amount of money.  I certainly hope that the convenience is worth it to the people of this area.  We’re the ones who are paying for it.

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Merry Christmas citizens of Plymouth (and surrounding areas.) After nearly two years, the Sheldon Road-M-14 underpass is open.  What a relief!

No longer will we have to drive through the middle of the City and/or Old Village to get to Northville or northwestern Livonia. If there are trains running through the middle of town, we can finally head under them at Sheldon Road.

My daughter went to school in Northville for two years and most of that time, our commute to school had to go through town due to  the underpass construction.  I can’t count how many times she was late for school because of trains.  Even when we started the trip with plenty of time to spare, trains (or the resulting backup) could take 10, 15 minutes or more to clear.  It was a headache, a maddening, soul-chomping commuter’s nightmare.

I can’t wait to use the underpass.  I think I’m going to drive it today just to do it, just for the hell of it.

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