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According to the Plymouth Observer, there’s a bit of a controversy over the timing of this year’s Green Street Fair: it falls on Mother’s Day weekend.  Some businesses downtown are fearful that the massive crowds and the lack of parking space will keep away Mother’s Day diners and shoppers.  The argument is that people that want to take their moms out to lunch or to run into town to buy flowers will not brave the crowds.  The counter argument is that crowds downtown are good for downtown businesses.

If my experience has any broader applicability, the Fair will both help and hurt business.  I  live in the city and when things are going on downtown of the size of the Fair (things like Art in the Park and Fall Festival), I do not even attempt to eat downtown, at least not in any of the sit-down restaurants.  They’re always packed to the rafters and I’m not big on waiting  for a table.  I might grab something quick at Jimmy John’s for my daughter or get some coffee from Panera.  To eat out down there, though, I just won’t do it.

However, I live in town.  One of the big reasons why I won’t wait in line to eat during a fair or festival is that I can eat at our restaurants anytime I like.  Most of our visitors do not live here in town.  They get hungry or want to do some shopping.  There are only so many exhibits you can look at.  Not everyone wants to choke down an elephant ear or pizza that’s made in a trailer.  Those folks fill up the restaurants.   If they didn’t, there would be places to sit.

I can’t speak too much to whether jewelry stores and florist shops and the like suffer.  My guess is that fairgoers need to buy stuff for Mother’s Day and some, who wouldn’t otherwise be in town, will buy their gifts in town.

Besides, there’s always Old Village.  It has jewelry stores, restaurants, clothing boutiques, salons, bars, etc.  Old Village, in my view, never gets enough promotion by the City.  If some of the traffic moves over there for a few days, I’m sure the folks in the redheaded stepchild part of town would be thankful.


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Merchants downtown are having sidewalk sales.   I’ve driven by but not seen anything.  My wife has been down there and called me to say there are some fantastic deals, some real bargains.  She picked up a few items (and missed out on a few.)

Get to downtown Plymouth ASAP before the sale ends!  Sorry for sounding like a pitchman.  This is not a paid advertisement.

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Now you’ll have no excuse for skipping your veggies.  Coming soon to our town, on the southwest corner of Main Street and Wing, is Suburban Harvest, a purveyor of “organic and locally grown produce.”  Check out the website.


This has been a long time coming.   With the coming of the meat/dairy/bread store on Forest Street and Suburban Harvest just a block away, we’ll be able to do all of our shopping right downtown.  We can avoid the jam packed aisles and parking lots over at Kroger.

I’m love my country and, for the most part, our way of life.  But I envy a more European lifestyle: the ability to get one’s daily food needs fresh each day, within walking distance of home.   I’m looking forward to it.

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and pretty busy.

A new Kilwin’s fudge and ice cream store,  at the corner of Penniman and Main Street, opened last week sometime.  I’ve been by there several times in the evening and it was very busy.

Since Kilwin’s sells ice cream, I’m curious about the effect that could have on the other local ice cream stores.  There is also a very nice candy store in town, Kemnitz, and hopefully the candy and faudge in Kilwin’s won’t siphon off its business.

In this economy it’s great to say any new business downtown.  I hope it Kilwin’s does well.

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At our house, we’ve been waiting for one and it has finally arrived: a place to buy meat, cheese and bread.

Soon a little market will be opening on Forest Street. I didn’t catch the name or see an opening date, but one of the new buildings across from 1999 Tavern is going to sell meat, bread and cheese. Hopefully there will be fresh produce in there as well.

I hate trying to go to Kroger for last minute shopping. Mike’s Market is in Livonia and is a bit farther than Kroger. Other than those two places, I’m not aware of any business close to the city that have fresh meat.

I can’t wait ’til this place opens. I’ve been complaining for so long that Plymouth doesn’t have a small market that’s in or near the neighborhoods that I better be in that place all the time when it opens. I’m finally getting what I’ve been wanting since we moved here.

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Maybe I wasn’t paying attention last year, but I believe this is a brand new event.  The Downtown Development Authority, with the participation of the stores and restaurants downtown, is throwing a Mardi Gras celebration starting noon the 2/21.

Plymouth-Canton student art will be on display.  Merchants will give out beads. Steve King & the Diddlies will play at 5:00 p.m. There will be “kid friendly” events in Kellogg Park as well.

After the concert you are invited to “hang out as partygoers converge on downtown for a night of fun and late night parties. The party continues into the night at any of over 30 shops, bars and restaurants.”

More info, if you really need it, is found at http://www.downtownplymouth.org/CivicAlerts.asp?AID=103

I’m not sure an outside party will have a lot of draw in late February here in Michigan.  There again, the ice sculpture shows are well attended, even when it is deathly cold.  This is clearly just another event to draw people into the downtown area.  Plymouth certainly doesn’t have a Mardi Gras tradition.  I hope it goes over well and people have a great time (and the businesses downtown make loads of cash.)

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