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Many of my friends are up in arms about the smoking ban which took effect statewide on May 1.  They do not object so much about the elimination of smoking from bars and restaurants but are bothered by the perceived governmental intrusion.  I’m a believer in less being m0re when it comes to government, but I have to say that the smoking ban is long overdue.

More to the point, the smoking ban is a godsend for many of us non-smokers.  In the last week I’ve been to three (3) bars in the City of Plymouth that I avoided in the past because of the heavy smoke: Hermann’s Olde Town Grille, Doyle’s Tavern and Ironwood Grill.  I, for the first time, was able to enjoy a drink or two in these places without stinging eyes and burning lungs.

I have no data to back this up, but it appears that the smoking ban has had little or no negative impact on these businesses.  All three places were bustling when I was there.   Hermann’s, in particular, was packed Saturday night.  A few smokers drifted in and out on occasion to smoke out on the sidewalk, but I heard no grumbling or complaints.

For my wife and me, the ban has brought us back to the pubs.  I expect we’ll continue to hang out more in town now that we can do so in relative fresh air.


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Our family had breakfast this morning at Bode’s.  We sat in the front of the restaurant, the former smoking section and it was nice.  Eating there without the second-hand smoke was immensely more pleasant.

The waitresses seem to appreciate the change.  Apparently staff health concerns prompted the change.

Thanks Bode’s for making this change.  I’d rather restaurants make these decisions for themselves then to have the government force it on them.

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One of my favorite family diner-style restaurants in town is Bode’s Corned Beef House on Main, at the railroad tracks.

The only real complaint I have ever had about Bode’s is that it gets way too smoky. When the front portion of the restaurant is at capacity with smokers, the air in the entire restaurant is hard to breathe. The non-smoking section is hardly safe haven for those of us that don’t like eating second-hand smoke.

Today when I had breakfast there, a sign was posted at the cash register indicating the restaurant will be smoke free on January 2, which is this Friday. I know that a statewide smoking ban was in the works in Lansing the last few weeks, but last I knew, that had died. To the best of my knowledge, the law has not changed yet. If Bode’s is taking this initiative on its own, I applaud the owners, the Meachams. We will certainly eat there more often once Bode’s goes smoke-free.

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