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I’m a proud Michigan State University alumnus (BA 1993, JD 1997) and I make no apology for that.  What I often wonder is how many MSU supporters like me are here in town.

Plymouth is something of a border town.  Our post office serves the outlying communities that straddle western Wayne County and eastern Washtenaw County.  It’s 20 miles from my door to Michigan Stadium, a/k/a “The Big House.”  The Detroit metro area, as much as Ann Arbor itself, is generally Wolverine territory.  I grew up two cities over and I know this first-hand.

But I also know that many unashamed MSU alumni and supporters make Plymouth home.  The Plymouth-Canton Educational Park schools send their fair share of graduates to Michigan State.  When I catch one of MSU’s games at The Box, there’s always a good Spartan presence.

Saturday’s the big game.  The 6-2 MSU Spartans take on the 2-5 UM Wolverines — yep, 2 wins, 5 losses, something that’s never happened in my lifetime — at Michigan Stadium.  Especially since the Wings season is still young, the Tigers are on the golf course, the Pistons haven’t gotten started yet and the Lions, yet again have embarrassed themselves, local sports fans have turned their attention to Michigan-Michigan State.  It’s the “Civil War,” the “Backyard Brawl,” the “Domestic Disturbance,” the “Fall Brawl,” “Sibling Rivalry,” the “Michigan Melee,” or whatever clever name you want to call it.  It’s the game of the year, particularly for State fans.

This is the week that folks who haven’t been flying their college flags dig ’em out and put ’em out in front of the house.  Block S’s and M’s are prominently displayed around town.  Because I think too much about these things, I decided to take an informal count of MSU and UM flags in town on my way from lunch to work the other day.  Counting my MSU flag, I tallied 7 MSU flags and 4 UM flags.  Two of each of those flags were the divided flags that have both the M and the S on them.  It would appear that these people simply couldn’t decide who they like better, the Wolverines or Spartans.  Whatever their issues might be, it is making very difficult my highly unscientific inquiry into which team Plymouth residents are supporting this weekend.

For me: Go State!  Beat the Wolverines!  They’re awful this year.  Whoever you support, good luck and have fun watching the game.  May the best team win.


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