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Wilcox House got a new roof. That, by itself, is hardly newsworthy. I get that that’s a pretty small story. But what is interesting is that it likely means something is going to happen with the house, hopefully sooner rather than later.


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There has been lots of life at Wilcox House the last several months.  Right now the “Wilcox Winter Gathering” is underway.  Most interesting to me is that the home itself is now open to the public:

The Wilcox House opens to the public for the first
time in its 100 year history on Dec. 6th at 10:00 a.m.
and will be open Tuesday-Thursday, 2pm-6pm
through Christmas Eve.

Special Christmas Eve hours: noon-4pm
Adults $5 each. Children must be accompanied
by an adult to enter the house.

Additionally, you can meet Santa there and Christmas trees and other items are being sold at the outdoor market, which is on the grounds of the home:

Outdoor Market:
Tree, wreath and garland sales: Tuesday – Sunday
Outdoor Sales begin Friday, Nov. 27th.
Hours will be posted on the gates of the Wilcox Home

Visit Santa:
Bring the kids and the camera! Santa will be
receiving guests inside the house free of charge on:
Sunday, Dec. 6th 10am-2pm
Friday, Dec 11th & Dec. 18th 2pm-7
Saturday, Dec. 12th & Dec. 19th noon-7pm
Sunday, Dec. 13th & Dec. 20th 11am-4pm

If you use Facebook, you can keep up with all the events at Wilcox House through “The Gathering at the Wilcox” group.  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=188851708939&ref=search&sid=100000005451152.626029927..1&v=info#/group.php?v=wall&ref=search&gid=188851708939

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Perhaps more accurately she has gotten a botox injection or a little nip and tuck.  If you’ve been downtown in the last few weeks, you’ve probably seen some work — mostly cosmetic seemingly — being down on Wilcox House.

There’s a fresh coat of white paint on the siding and trim.  The porch has been repainted and the decaying handrails removed.  The wrought iron fence has been primed and repainted black.  Brick fence posts that were being used as de facto trash cans have been capped and repaired.

It looks great.  Hopefully this will help move the house off the market and into the hands of people or a company that are going to restore and maintain this great building.

Wilcox House is one of my favorites in town.  If we ever hit big on the lottery, I think we’d buy the place ourselves and live there.

Here’s a picture of the painting as it was being down several weeks ago.

Wilcox House being painted

Wilcox House being painted

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