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Only one wall of the famed Daisy Manufacturing Company’s Plymouth factory stands.  In truth, it is merely a facade of one wall of what used to be a manufacturing facility that cranked out millions of “air rifles” aka BB guns from the early to mid 20th century.

I’m linking some articles here (one written by me) that lay out what’s going on.  The long and short  of it is that the Developer of what is now Daisy Square was supposed to preserve at least one wall (and that was after the original agreement was renegotiated) and incorporate it into a new structure.  That never happened and the project is 7 years old at this point.  The fate of what is left of the Daisy factory could be decided at next month’s Planning Commission meeting.




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Maybe I’m getting old and crotchety but I think I’m no longer a fan of the Chili  Cook Off.  The cook off itself is a great idea, and there are some excellent chilis showcased each year.  Very few foods are better than a really good chili.

That said, I’m beginning to be a little irritated by the atmosphere surrounding the event.  I’ve got nothing against bikers as individuals, but I’m not a fan of the biker culture.  There’s a gang or pack mentality that just doesn’t sit well with me.

When I walked around the event today, I saw bikers seemed to kind of go where they wanted to go, stand wherever they wanted to stand, without regard for others.  More than that, I was at a stop sign and one female biker parked her bike directly in front of mine so that I could not move, allowing at least 100 bikes, maybe more, to turn in front of me.  I don’t know why they’re allowed to be directing traffic in a congested downtown area.

This will come off a bit judgmentally, I regret.  I normally give people a fair amount of grace.  But I don’t really like that I didn’t feel like I could be comfortable with my daughter and her friends at the event because of some of the trashy shirts and clothing bikers and their women wear.  Grow up already.  You’re 50 years old plus.  Do you think curse words are still funny?  I’m more surprised than offended.

If those relatively minor complaints weren’t enough, 3 motorcycles were stolen today.  2 were stolen at last year’s event.

I recognize these are my hang-ups.

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Here’s a nice article about a local church’s (mine) monthly “Theology on Tap” events which are held at the Box Bar.

The next meeting is  Tuesday, October 12, at 7:00 pm


Essentially, this is what Theology on Tap is all about

Since February, on the second Tuesday evening of every month, TOT participants have gathered in the back room of the Box Bar for food, drink and discussion. Rather than an across-the-table conversation friends might have, Trinity TOT uses something akin to a debate format. The topic of the evening — which invariably can be discussed from three to six or more points of view, theories or perspectives — is put forth by presenters who advance a given position on the topic. After each position is presented or advanced, as overseen by the moderator, the topic is open for question and answer or even debate amongst those in attendance.

This is no mere Bible study or Sunday School session. Rather than dissecting a few Bible passages or simply retelling Bible stories, TOT hits broader philosophical and theological topics. “The purpose of Theology on Tap,” MacKinnon says, “is to address what we as a growing need to discuss more ‘meaty’ topics.”  “We want to go beyond feel-good, self-help, relational types of books and things that seem to predominate Christian media today.”

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