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During what I intended to be a get-in-get-out trip downtown for cupcakes, I couldn’t resist taking a few photos of the Ice Festival.  They’re not the best shots, but they’re a wee sneak preview of what you’ll see this weekend.



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I’ve “blogged” about this, the impending doom of Blockbuster, twice in the past.



I guess the prognosticators were right: Blockbuster, which put thousands of mom-and-pop video stores across the country out of business, could not adjust to changing markets and media formats.

I don’t care much for Blockbuster video other than the fact that there is a local store (Sheldon and Ann Arbor Roads) that, presumably, employees local people.  In fact, I know it does because a neighbor of mine works at the store.

The good news for Blockbuster’s competitors is that the company is in trouble and is closing stores.  Our local Blockbuster is set to close according to the big yellow and black banner on the front of the building.  The bad news is that there will be ______ of people around here without jobs.  Hopefully they’ll find better work at other area businesses.



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